Segments in this Video

HealthPartners Center for International Health (02:18)


A man reflects on being in the United States and nightmares about his past. He has two doctor appointments at the clinic. Dr. Patricia Walker discusses treating patients from different cultures.

Alexander Gliptis, Ethiopia (02:55)

Alexander plans to return to Ethiopia. Dr. Robert Carlson discusses Alexander's physical and mental health. At home, Alexander records his journey from Ethiopia to the U.S.

Thor Lem, Cambodia (03:30)

Dr. Walker discusses her ethnic background and working with refugees. Many Cambodians in the U.S. suffer depression and PTSD. Walker treats Lem's liver cancer and discusses Hospice.

Patrick Junior, Burma (02:47)

Patrick's family and friends wait for his arrival. Patrick experienced chest pain on the flight; he needs surgery on his heart. Patrick discusses how Karen people are treated in Burma.

Gliptis' Mental Health (04:11)

Alexander discusses the books he wants to write and becoming a target of the Ethiopian government. Psychiatrist Bruce Field discusses working with Alexander; Alexander discusses his escape from Ethiopia and his brother.

Initial Refugee Screening (04:03)

Patrick states, he can never go back to Burma. Dr. Carlson performs Patrick's exam and discusses his heart conditions. Alexander discusses depression and his medications; meet his wife Nura.

Alexander's Family Life (04:32)

Alexander discusses working in America; he wants to send tools to Africa. Alexander and Dr. Field discuss Alexander's relationship with Nura and the death of her son.

Lem Needs Hospice Care (03:53)

Lem arrives late for his appointment with Dr. Walker. Chemo has made his gout worse. Lem's wife is sick and his son works; best care is difficult. Walker makes a Hospice referral.

Patrick's Angiogram (05:22)

Patrick experiences chest pain while waiting to see a cardiac specialist. Dr. Gary Gustafson discovers multiple blockages; Patrick has bypass surgery. Patrick sings in church. Alexander shares his thoughts on religion.

Alexander Admitted into Regions Hospital (05:14)

Alexander had a heart attack. His neighbor describes finding him on the floor. Experts consider his potential brain function. Alexander wakes and nurses remove tubes.

Lem's Palliative Care (01:55)

Lem lost a significant amount of weight. Dr. Walker tries to talk to Lem about his Hospice appointment; Lem gets upset. Dr. Walker will try to help make him comfortable.

Patrick's Cancer Diagnosis (04:29)

Patrick no longer thinks about his life in Burma. He has stage IV lymphoma; chemotherapy caused significant complications. Malina's visa is out and she must return to Australia.

Recovering from a Brain Injury (02:25)

Nura stays by Alexander's bedside. Doctors explain his prognosis. Occupational therapist Ann Mitch discusses his improvement.

Chemotherapy Treatments (02:47)

Lem talks to Dr. Walker about his treatments; his appetite is better. Junior states that there is no treatment for his lymphoma; chemo will kill him.

Provider Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (03:46)

A Hospice nurse visits Patrick at home; Patrick's sister sent him cancer medications. He plays the guitar with a music therapist.The Hospice nurse returns; they discuss final care instructions.

Alexander's Will to Live (03:50)

Nura wants Alexander to be like he was before the heart attack. Experts discuss Alexander's mental status and Nura's responsibilities. Alexander meets with Dr. Field.

Patrick Wants More Treatments (04:40)

Marina returns to take care of Patrick. Dr. Daniel Anderson discusses family influence on terminally ill patients. Anderson and Patrick discuss more chemotherapy treatments.

Alexander's Dreams (04:04)

Dr. Walker reviews Lem's recent medical records. Dr. Carlson examines Alexander; he warns against traveling to Ethiopia. Alexander dreams of his brother; he sells his tools to a refugee.

Lem's Final Days (05:01)

Patrick suffers complications from chemotherapy. Dr. McKnight dictates his exam of Lem. Dr. Walker reflects on patient deaths. She reviews a report on Lem's death.

Alexander and Patrick Defy Odds (04:07)

Patrick is currently in remission. Alexander's blood tests look good and receives the approval to travel. Patrick decides to attend church and Alexander makes travel plans.

Patrick and Alexander Go On (04:08)

Patrick attends church; the choir sings one of his songs in Karen. Alexander and Nura return to Ethiopia. Dr. Walker reflects on treating immigrants.

Credits: American Heart (01:08)

Credits: American Heart

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This program follows the true stories of three refugees from Ethiopia, Burma, and Cambodia, as they seek health care in St. Paul, Minnesota. Their stories intersect at the HealthPartners Center for International Health, a primary care clinic that specializes in immigrant and refugee medicine. It is here that the refugees seek relief from the traumatic events that haunt them and the dire health challenges they face every day.

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