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Freedom of the Press (01:56)


Freedom of the Press is a cornerstone unique to the American government. This program will examine concerns about large corporations and their media holdings.

1996 Telecommunications Act (02:33)

Learn how this legislation changed the rules regarding ownership of television and radio stations. Many hoped this act would spur competition, but instead it has encouraged mergers of corporations.

Consolidation (02:40)

James Dowdle speaks about the key to doing things more economically. Learn the many names of companies that are all owned by one corporation.

Impact of Corporate Ownership (01:57)

Bill Baker discusses corporate culture--not a healthy system for a free society.

Cross Ownership (02:09)

Ben Bagdikian talks about large corporations that would like to control the creation of content as well as distribution and hardware. Learn how these practices began in the early days of media.

Huge Conglomerates (02:42)

Studies show that Americans are losing trust in what they learn from the news media. Arthur Kent shares his personal experience with the entertainment division taking control of the news division.

Cross Promotion (03:44)

Learn how conglomerates use one portion of their company to promote another division. Hear opinions from experts on this commonplace practice.

Synergy and Branding (02:18)

The company can use the leverage of its brand across a lot of different mediums. Dowdle speaks about how this is not common practice at The Tribune Company.

Bias in the News Media (02:21)

As media ownership transfers from locals to conglomerates, some feel the objectivity, balance and fairness get lost in the shuffle. A 1997 poll shows that 86% of viewers think that bias is a problem.

Self-Censorship (02:53)

The media is free from government control, but is prone to following the pack rather than having a competition of ideas.

The Big Four (02:20)

Ken Auletta shares the upside to having a large parent company. Others feel that it is dangerous to let so few companies have so much power to influence society.

Credits: Media Manipulation: New Game for Big Business (00:32)

Credits: Media Manipulation: New Game for Big Business

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Media Manipulation: New Game for Big Business

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Many newspapers, magazines, television and cable networks, and local television and radio stations are owned by large corporations with diverse interests outside of their media holdings—from the defense industry to theme parks. This program examines the relationship between the large corporate owners and the daily operation of their media outlets. It reveals how much power and control owners exercise over news judgment, and suggests that corporate controllers may be practicing their own brand of media censorship by slanting the news. Can Americans believe what they read, see, and hear? (29 minutes)

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