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Northwest Airlines Employees Fight Outsourcing (05:56)


Northwest Airlines' Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) gave union employees an ownership stake in the company. The company has established a committee comprised of labor and management representatives to review outsourcing practices.

Labor-Management Relations at Northwest Airlines: Labor's Viewpoint (05:24)

Union leader Marv Sandrin finds senior level management at Northwest Airlines to be more respectful of employees than in the past. Sandrin believes today's managers understand company success relies on a positive work culture.

Labor-Management Relations at Northwest Airlines: Management's Viewpoint (02:05)

Richard Anderson, senior vice-president at Northwest Airlines, characterizes the relationship between management and labor as pragmatic and based in common sense. He believes a good working relationship between management and union leaders is essential for a successful company.

Outsourcing at Northwest Airlines: Labor's Viewpoint (02:34)

Union leaders at Northwest Airlines took an active role in bringing outsourced work back to their workers. They looked for ways to do the work faster, more efficiently, and with a higher level of quality than their competitors.

Outsourcing at Northwest Airlines: Management's Viewpoint (04:16)

Management at Northwest Airlines credits a collaborative relationship with union leaders for bringing outsourced work back to their own employees. The union responded creatively to Northwest's need for more efficient production.

Labor-Management Collaboration at Northwest Airlines: Mutual Responsibilities (03:33)

A shared sense of responsibility for the company's success has helped Northwest Airlines workers and management develop a collaborative relationship. Union leaders credit management for including labor in problem-solving and decision-making processes.

Labor-Management Collaboration at Northwest Airlines: A Matter of Trust (05:08)

Trust between management and labor at Northwest Airlines has contributed to a positive work culture and a collaborative working relationship. The trusting relationship is mutually beneficial and contributes to the company's success.

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This program includes conversations with airline machinist Marv Sandrin, and Northwest Vice President, Richard Anderson. Sandrin is former president of District Lodge 143 of the Machinists’ Union. He was employed at Northwest Airlines before the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) gave him and his union an ownership stake in the company. Under that ESOP, unions gave up $900 million in wage and work rule concessions, and the owners gave labor three seats on the corporate board and 30 percent ownership of the company. The deal made Northwest Airlines’ ESOP one of the biggest in the U.S. Sandrin has also participated in one of the most important experiments at Northwest: the creation of a union-management committee which gives workers a chance to bid on jobs that would otherwise be outsourced. (30 minutes)

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