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Enemy of the State: Introduction (02:19)


Approximately 25% of the world's population is connected to the Internet. The virtual revolution accelerates globalization. In this film, Dr. Aleks Krotoski will explore the shifts in power created by the Internet and their impact on humanity.

Iran's Twitter Revolution (04:05)

Twitter was developed in 2006. In 2009, Twitter educated the world on the upheaval and violence in Iran.

Flow of Information (02:27)

Mobile devices allow users to immediately spread news, photos and videos worldwide. It is a powerful tool in the hands of the masses.

Internet History (04:21)

The Internet is a product of the Cold War. It was developed as a way for government offices to communicate privately.

Root Servers (03:09)

Explore one of the thirteen root servers for the Internet. Security is high; shutting down one root server would not crash the Internet.

Internet Censorship (03:49)

The web is a massive communication system that is not controlled by the government. WikiLeaks' sole purpose is to leak information about government corruption.

Information Availability (02:59)

Bill Gates states that once something is published on the Internet, it is almost impossible to remove it completely. In 2008, WikiLeaks was ordered to remove bank tax evasion documents from their website; others became more interested in the case.

Haystack (02:41)

Austin Heap created software that allows Iranian citizens to bypass government blocks to access social media websites.

Activism and the Web (03:38)

Climate change activists in Britain utilize the Internet to create communities and plan events.

Great Firewall of China (02:38)

China is dependent on the web for information and their economy. The controlling government attempts to police the information that can be seen within the country.

2008 Earthquake in China (02:25)

The Chinese government was not pleased when citizens posted pictures on social media revealing the damage of the earthquake and investigated the names of children who were killed.

Fifty Cent Army (03:04)

In addition to censorship and surveillance, the Chinese government pays people to be active online and sway the general population in a desirable direction.

Political Consciousness (02:02)

Experts discuss the possibility that the openness of the web may someday lead to more open and democratic governments.

Global Currency (03:42)

PayPal is an international money transfer system. The founder Peter Thiel saw an opening for a money transfer program that did not involve banks or governments.

Propaganda and the Internet (03:12)

Before the web, extremists seemed to be scattered around the world. Now, groups like Al Qaeda and the Taliban use the web to spread their messages of terror and violence.

Cyber Vulcanization (02:15)

The web's creation was intended to bring openness and togetherness. Users can filter their world view through selective connections, sometimes connecting fanatics and terrorists.

Cyber-Attack (04:07)

Following a dispute with Russia, Estonia came under cyber-attack. The danger of a cyber-attack is that the origination is unknown.

Cyber Self-Defense (02:37)

Konstantin Goloskokov admits to committing the Estonia cyber attack. His group Commissar, Nashi was upset about mass arrests and lashed out at Estonia via the Internet.

Power Balance (02:26)

The Internet is a cheaper way to attack another group of people. Krotoski wonders how users will utilize their new power as more people around the world connect to the web.

Credits: Enemy of the State (00:41)

Credits: Enemy of the State

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What is the impact of the web on global politics? Free information collected through social networks is being used a weapon in the battle between the individual and the authority across the world.

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