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American Families Under Siege (01:37)


Approximately 20% of America's children live in poverty. Homicide is the leading cause of death for young African American men. Dolores Sheen heads a school created for at-risk children in Watts.

Watts Struggles to Survive (02:12)

An expert reflects on the 1965 Watts uprising and the area's continued deterioration. The Sheenway School and Culture Center teaches survival skills, self-respect, and responsibility to students from preschool through 12th grade. (Graphic images)

Sheenway School and Culture Center (02:00)

Dolores Sheen describes family characteristics of typical students. This film's video-diarists, Sheenway students, introduce themselves and discuss their exposure to violence.

A Village Raises a Child (02:35)

Dolores Sheen discusses the importance of parental involvement. Parents describe the Sheenway School's approach. Students take viewers on a tour of the school.

Learning Social Skills (02:31)

Dolores Sheen describes the atmosphere at Sheenway School. Students enjoy a variety of foods at a tea party. A student describes her growth at the school.

Interview with Latasha (02:02)

Latasha takes viewers on a tour of her home and discusses her dreams for the future. She films a debate with one of her friends about Sheenway School and public schools.

Interview with Edward (02:24)

Edward takes viewers on a tour of his home on Thanksgiving Day. His grandmother and Delores Sheen discuss the changes in Edward since attending Sheenway School.

Field Trips (01:52)

Sheenway School students visit UCLA. They learn about African musical instruments and art. Dolores Sheen discusses exposing children to the wider world.

Meeting the Budget and More (02:56)

Dolores Sheen uses baking to help students learn math. Sheen discusses the struggle to keep Sheenway School financially afloat. Students describe "Aunt Dolores."

A Serious Infraction (03:57)

Mr. Clay reveals startling news about two students; Juan and Brian admit to taking Brian's mother's van. Dolores Sheen and the boys' parents call the police; Sheen is heartbroken.

Learning the Hard Way (02:06)

Dolores Sheen, Latasha, Brian's mom, express their feelings about the stolen van. Juan and Brian discuss taking accountability.

I Am (02:16)

Mr. Clay sees identifies with Sheenway School students. Latasha and Edward discuss their dreams. Dolores Sheen reflects on Edward's fear of graduation; she talks to Edward about his future.

Contributing to Society (01:35)

Dolores Sheen shares her definition of success. Everything we do must inspire and enrich our children in order to secure our future.

Credits: The Sheenway Experience: Tough Love (01:08)

Credits: The Sheenway Experience: Tough Love

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The Sheenway Experience: Tough Love

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Dolores Sheen runs the Sheenway School and Culture Center in the Watts section of Los Angeles, where poverty, racism, and lack of opportunity breed violence. In addition to academics, "Aunt Dolores," as she is called, teaches the children social survival skills, personal responsibility, and accountability. Sheen instills responsibility by asking students to reflect on the consequences of negative behavior. Students share their experiences at Sheenway, along with their personal aspirations for the future. (32 minutes)

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