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Children’s Climate Crusade: Introduction (01:32)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of climate and government responsibility. (Credits)

Public Trust (01:53)

Legal scholar Mary Christina Wood developed atmospheric trust litigation, recently used to sue Oregon under the public trust doctrine for failure to act on global warming.

Climate Change Lawsuits (02:26)

"Our Children's Trust" sued the government to try to force carbon emission cuts, based on public trust legal doctrine rather than statutory law.

Street Democracy (02:15)

Street protests must complement legal strategy; judges will move quickly if they sense public support.

Environmental Agencies (03:01)

Wood states that environmental law is not working; the EPA and other agencies give free reign to industry. She calls on the public to act.

Public Trust Trumps Statute (03:08)

The Public Trust doctrine says government is a trustee of resources. Pennsylvania blocked legislation allowing fracking on this basis.

Political Question (02:06)

Wood admits that environmental regulation is a political question, but says courts need to act since legislatures are not. Courts initially dismissed cases but are more receptive.

High Stakes (00:42)

Wood says that climate is a civilizational issue, not just an environmental. She believes that because of the stakes, courts should act.

Local Action (02:26)

Wood states that with Republicans controlling Congress, climate change action unlikely. She does believe that change can happen at the local level.

Political and Legal Reality (02:38)

Sate supreme courts face pressure from donors funding judicial elections, but Wood sees hope working within the system.

Wealth Gap (02:51)

Moyers argues that America's wealth gap threatens democracy and closes his final broadcast by welcoming the young generation to the political fight.

Sponsors & Credits: Moyers & Company: The Children's Climate Crusade (01:34)

Sponsors & Credits: Moyers & Company: The Children's Climate Crusade

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In this final edition of Moyers & Company, Bill speaks with legal scholar and environmentalist Mary Christina Wood about a new legal framework against global warming. Called atmospheric trust litigation, it takes the fate of the Earth into the courts, arguing that the planet’s atmosphere – its air, water, land, plants and animals — are the responsibility of government, held in its trust to insure the survival of all generations to come. Broadcast date: January 1, 2015.

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