Segments in this Video

Democracy Champion (01:16)


Bill Moyers welcomes Harper’s Magazine publisher John R. MacArthur and outlines his criticism of both Republicans and Democrats on trade and economic issues.

Diversity of Planets (02:16)

The 9 planets in our solar system have very different qualities. Listen to see the differences of the planets.

Ignoring Job Losses (01:05)

Most Democrats cater to Wall Street donors, rather than to working class Americans. Free trade agreements lower labor costs and increase corporate profits.

How Did The Planets Form? (02:20)

All planets are formed from dust. Immanuel Kant and Simon de Laplace believe that the solar system was created in single process.

Rockets Transition From War to Space (03:09)

Werner von Braun develops highly advanced rockets used by Hitler in World War II. German and US engineers reassemble the rocket parts to launch them into space. Clyde Tombaugh designs a method to record the launch.

Minimum Wage Fight (02:10)

MacArthur discusses Obama's silence when Mayor Daily vetoed a Chicago city council minimum wage bill. He has dodged the issue, even with a Democratic majority, to respect Wall Street.

Wall Street Political Legacy (01:17)

Robert Rubin influenced Bill Clinton, Obama, and now supports Hillary Clinton. MacArthur names Democratic candidates intimidated by Clinton's fundraising.

Space Race (02:51)

The US tries to destroy German rocket factories to keep the technology out of Soviet hands. Sergei Pavlovich Korolev develops rocket technology for The Soviet Union. Watch some of the first footage filmed of the earth from high into the atmosphere.

Controlling the Democrats (01:25)

Elizabeth Warren led an opposition to Obama's nomination of banker Antonio Weiss. MacArthur discusses how Wall Street represents a financial majority in Congress.

Revolving Door (01:10)

View a clip of Warren's speech against Wall Street executives being nominated to the U.S. Treasury, to control economic policy.

Taking Political Action (00:31)

MacArthur calls for cheap campaigns within the Democratic Party—like the Tea Party in the Republican Party—to defeat Wall Street interests.

Viktor Safronov's Planet Formation (03:45)

Safronov lays down the foundational research on the formation of the solar system. He structures the formation into simple stages. Listen to descriptions of those stages.

Constituency-Politician Discrepancy (01:16)

Hear a Hillary Clinton quote about striking a political balance. MacArthur says the center moved right—but polls show increased support for progressive issues.

Sputnik Launched (04:20)

In 1957, the U.S. announces its intention to launch the world's first satellite. The Soviet Union's Sergei Pavlovich Korolev races to launch his satellite first.

Changing the Political System (02:25)

MacArthur says revolt is the only way to challenge the status quo. He believes Americans are losing sight of the egalitarian spirit. Visit for more information.

Early Time Lapse Footage of Planets (02:12)

Bob Layton creates time lapse footage of planets. Watch the footage as one of the moons of Jupiter orbit the planet.

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In this edition of Moyers & Company, Bill speaks with outspoken veteran journalist John R. MacArthur of Harper’s Magazine who says that Republicans and Democrats alike are abandoning the republic in pursuit of big bucks. As negotiators from the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) were meeting behind closed doors in Washington for a new round of talks on a proposed trade deal, MacArthur observes that politicians are preparing to pass an agreement that will take jobs away from Americans. “I guarantee you, this is a way to send more jobs [abroad], particularly to Vietnam and Malaysia.” Broadcast date: December 12, 2014.

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