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Teen Deaths (02:47)


Orange County parents describe losing their children to drug overdoses. (Credits)

Orange County Culture (01:22)

Residents describe the Southern California region as a surface paradise—but wealthy families still have problems.

Aaron's Story (03:42)

Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing U.S. drug epidemic. Aaron's parents share his addiction and overdose story on a reality TV show; he is now disabled.

Prescription Drug Epidemic (01:28)

Many teens believe prescription drugs are safer than illegal drugs. Orange County residents talk about addiction.

Parent Naivete (03:06)

Orange County residents name prescription drugs popular among teens. Many parents don't know their children are abusing substances or are in denial.

Parental Sacrifices (01:50)

As illegal drug abuse has fallen among teens, prescription drug abuse has increased. Bradley DeHaven describes risking his life to set up a dealer as a plea bargain for his son.

Prescription Drug Access (04:21)

Orange County doctors often prescribe depression medication illegally. View footage of a news report on a local physician under DEA investigation.

"Phamageddon" (02:44)

Orange County residents describe stealing and prostituting themselves to get prescription drugs.

Drug Abuse Motivation (03:47)

60% of teens who abused prescription drugs did so before age 15. Orange County residents discuss what drove them to experiment and become addicted.

Progressive Addiction (01:09)

One in five high school students admit to using prescription drugs. Opiates are among the most addictive.

Social Influences in Addiction (02:49)

An Orange County woman started abusing prescription drugs in high school and overdosed at a rave. Recovering addicts talk about finding new friends to help them move on.

Dealing Prescription Drugs (02:02)

Children of wealthy Orange County families can easily access opiates. Many start selling to support their habit.

Legal to Illegal Drug Abuse (01:04)

When wealthy teens run out of prescription sources, they turn to heroine.

Mark's Story (03:25)

Prescription drug abuse has doubled emergency room visits. Family and friends remember an Orange County teen that overdosed. Hear the lethal affects of opiates.

Premature Death (02:11)

Prescription drugs are responsible for more overdose deaths than "street" drugs. An Orange County man talks about losing his sister to OxyContin.

Lethal Prescriptions (02:17)

Orange County residents have lost multiple friends and family members to drug overdoses. Parents describe happy, confident children.

Controversial Mental Health Treatment (02:57)

Orange County parents describe their children's depression and anxiety. Dr. Paul Corona defends his decision to prescribe mood enhancers.

Losing a Child (05:15)

Orange County parents describe learning about their sons' and daughters' deaths from overdosing on prescription drugs.

Life Saving Legislation (02:11)

Teens possessing drugs may panic and leave their friends to die of overdoses. Orange County parents lobby for a bill protecting against criminal prosecution in medical emergencies.

Orange County Coroner's Office (Disturbing Images) (01:02)

Prescription drug overdoses have surpassed youth death from suicide, school violence, and car accidents. View morgue footage.

Prescription Overdose Justice (01:37)

An Orange County man worked with police to arrest the doctor who prescribed his sister's lethal OxyContin.

Gateway Drugs (01:07)

Orange County residents believe alcohol, marijuana, and prescription medications lead to addiction—supported by social acceptance.

Hereditary Addiction (02:09)

Three out of ten teens believe prescription opiates aren't addictive. Orange County residents describe addiction among multiple family members.

Treating Addiction (02:51)

Effective drug rehabilitation is expensive. An Orange County woman's parents used her college money to fund programs.

Rehabilitation Modalities (02:37)

23 million people need treatment from alcohol or drug abuse annually. Hear about treatment options for teens, including equine and dog therapy.

Treating Families of Addicts (03:34)

Clinical professionals explain why they engage parents during rehab. DeHaven recalls hitting his son in a therapy session; they now have a better relationship.

Detoxification Process (01:35)

View footage of an addict withdrawing from OxyContin. Symptoms include lack of sleep, tremors,

Prescription Drugs Awareness (03:12)

Many parents believe pain medication is safe. Experts urge families to educate children about substance abuse before age 12.

Take-Back Program (01:04)

Learn about a DEA initiative to dispose of prescription drugs.

Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention (06:01)

Congresswoman Mary Bono meets with Orange County parents about proactively preventing addiction and overdose, including raising awareness and prosecuting "dirty" doctors.

Fight against Drugs (02:17)

Experts discuss ways to prevent prescription drug abuse, including monitoring programs and prosecuting "dirty" doctors.

Speaking Out against Drug Abuse (01:45)

Prescription drugs kill 100,000 Americans per year. Orange County parents describe ways they're raising awareness against addiction.

Prescription Drug Abuse Lessons (03:20)

Recovering addicts discuss giving up drugs. Orange County parents express pride for children who turned their lives around.

Credits: Behind the Orange Curtain (02:31)

Credits: Behind the Orange Curtain

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Young, privileged people are dying of overdoses in record numbers in Orange County, California. Many of these tragic deaths are from pain medication drugs like Opana, OxyContin and Hydrocodone. Kids are experimenting as young as age 10 and many find their first dose right in the family medicine cabinet. Is this phenomenon caused by online bullying and social networks? Peer pressure? Low self esteem? Is it easier to find drugs if you have money? And who are the doctors that are giving these teenagers the lethal prescriptions? This documentary delves into the teenage Rx drug abuse epidemic affecting families across the nation.

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