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Introduction: Inside the Animal Mind: You Are What You Sense (02:07)


Animals perceive their environment through different senses than humans. This program will investigate the sensory secrets of dogs, birds and more.

Underwater Smell Test (04:40)

Using its sense of smell, a sniffer dog is able to locate a canister of meat that is below the lake surface.

Independently Controlled Nostrils (01:44)

A dog uses its nose to breathe and detect odors simultaneously.

Dolphin Mimic Test (03:03)

A dolphin is able to copy a swimmer's behavior without using sight or sound.

Echolocation (02:50)

A dolphin's melon emits focused pulses of sound, which are amplified upon return. Species evolve senses that give them the best chance of survival.

Scent Rolling (03:01)

Dr. Kathryn Lord studies wolves at Wolf Park. Dog domestication began about 10,000 years ago. Experts test a wolf for his ability to find a new scent.

Favoring Visual Queues (03:59)

Experts test a dog see if he will rely on his vision or sense of smell.

Favoring Sense of Smell (01:53)

Experts test a wolf to see if visual information takes priority over smell.

Developing Sense of Smell (02:18)

Wolves develop the sense of smell at two weeks (before other senses have developed). Dogs develop the sense of smell at four weeks.

Bird Vision (01:31)

Weighing only one gram, a bird's brain processes an enormous amount of visual information in order to avoid obstacles and predators.

Optic Flow (04:19)

A bird flies more slowly through a corridor lined with vertical stripes because the amount of visual information the bird must process is increased.

Dogs & Concept of Time (04:48)

A dog looks for his returning owner at the same time every day. An experiment suggests that the dog calculates his owner's return based on diminishing smells.

Functional MRI for Dogs (04:14)

Dogs are trained for the MRI experience. Focusing on the caudate nucleus, scans reveal that a dog's brain responds to rewards in the same area as a human's.

Ampullae of Lorenzini (04:02)

While in tonic immobility, a shark repels at the presence of a powerful magnet. Jelly filled tubes, located on the shark's nose, detect voltage.

Shark's Magnetic Sense Test (03:40)

See how sharks respond when offered bait surrounded by bricks and bait surrounded by barium ferrite ceramic magnets.

Final Thoughts: Inside the Animal Mind (01:10)

This program gives us insight into the animal mind through a better understanding of animal senses.

Credits: Inside the Animal Mind: You Are What You Sense (00:48)

Credits: Inside the Animal Mind: You Are What You Sense

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Chris Packham explores the remarkable ways animals use their senses. Focusing on dogs, he discovers how their powerful sense of smell creates a bizarre alternative reality.

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