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Eye Exam (01:33)


Ahmad Salimi visits the optometrist; he has had over 50 eye surgeries. At this time, the doctor cannot do anything for his right eye.

Tehran, Iran: 2012 (02:07)

Ahmad Salimi is an Iran/Iraq war veteran; nearly 1 million died and over 100,000 were exposed to chemical bombs. The filmmaker works with veterans exposed to chemicals.

Mustard Gas (01:47)

Salimi recalls Iraqi warplanes dropping chemical bombs on his battalion. His skin blistered and he was rendered blind. Dr. Shahriar Khateni discusses the effects of mustard gas.

Nerve Agents in Iraq/Iran War (01:42)

Iraq used chemical and nerve agents on Iranian soldiers and civilians. Khateni states that 150 international companies supplied Iraq with chemical weapons. Today, 100,000 Iranians suffer from exposure.

Living with Mustard Gas Effects (02:35)

Mustard gas burned 60% of Salimi's lungs. Salimi discusses his feelings before and after his marriage. See wedding and family photos.

Family Support (01:32)

Salimi and his oldest son Milad discuss eye drops; Milad is a significant help to his father. Salimi describes what he can see.

Following War Memories with a Culture of Peace (02:51)

The Islamic Republic memorializes its version of the Iran/Iraq War; the Iranian government glorifies Iran's role in the conflict. Khateni helped create Iran's first Peace Museum to raise chemical warfare awareness.

Memorializing the War (01:28)

The Iranian government calls on veterans to visit key battlefields and state museums along the Iran/Iraq border; Salimi does not like to go.

Managing Emotions (03:13)

Salimi discusses his feelings of anger after the war; music therapy helps him manage his feelings. Salimi plays the santoor.

Labafinejad State Hospital (01:58)

Salimi visits the hospital monthly and has multiple surgeries a year.

Salimi's Latest Surgery (02:33)

Salimi's body is rejecting the transplants. Western sanctions prohibit Salimi from accessing vital medicines; his health declines.

Credits: The Skin That Burns: Surviving Chemical Warfare (00:59)

Credits: The Skin That Burns: Surviving Chemical Warfare

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This program is about Iran’s volunteer soldiers who were exposed to chemical bombs during the Iran-Iraq War. The film follows veteran Ahmad Salimi, who is now legally blind and has scars throughout his body due to burns from exposure to chemical weapons over 20 years ago. His wife, who volunteered to marry a wounded veteran, supports Ahmad as he struggles to stay alive and fight for peace. The Skin That Burns explores questions surrounding the controversial issue of chemical warfare, families struggling with disability and illness, and the determination to live, despite it all. This film contains images some viewers may find disturbing.

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