Segments in this Video

Introduction to Finding Your Element (02:30)


Sir Ken Robinson introduces the topic and gives a definition for "element."

"I Just Get It" (02:52)

Robinson uses a mathematician and an account as examples of people with natural talents.

Connecting Aptitude and Love (02:50)

It is possible to understand something but not like it. Being in your element means loving what you are doing.

Authentic Self (02:54)

Robinson comments on why finding your element will improve your life.

Happiness and Engagement (02:38)

Robinson shares the social reason for finding your element. Many people do not live with purpose and meaning. Depression is a leading cause of death.

Loving Your Job (01:49)

Robinson shares the economic reason for finding your element.

Aptitude and Passion (02:30)

Robinson describes two aspects of being in your element and consciousness. Distractions keep people from knowing themselves.

Every Life is Unique (03:50)

Robinson explains the principles that apply to a personal journey.

Individual Biology and Cultural Circumstances (02:44)

Robinsons compares himself to his parents. Life is creative and people have powerful imaginations.

Create Your Life (03:00)

A powerful idea attracts other powerful ideas. Human life is hard to predict.

Life is Organic (02:31)

Life is not linear; it constantly improvises. Get to know yourself better to find your element. Education systems have a narrow view of ability.

Know Your Passions (02:47)

Find activities you love to do. Finding your element is a spiritual process.

Outer Journey (01:48)

Robinson talks about sociology, psychology, and attempts to classify people.

Positive Psychology (02:50)

Many people are not happy because they confuse happiness with material well-being. Psychology has historically been focused on negative feelings.

Life as a Quadriplegic (04:23)

Robinson shares a story about a near fatal accident involving his father. His powerful attitude kept him alive and happy.

Creating Opportunities (03:54)

Robinson shares the story of sailor Ellen MacArthur. Her determination to fulfill her passion forced her to find a way.

Olympic Gymnast (04:51)

Robinson talks about Bart Connor, who discovered his special talent for walking on his hands as a boy. His mother encouraged him to follow his dreams.

Life is Not Linear (03:00)

Robinson discusses how narrowing choices limits a child's ability to find his or her talents.

Final Thoughts (01:37)

Robinson quotes Anais Nin to sum up the organic character of human life and the importance of the creative journey to find one's element.

Credits: Finding Your Element with Sir Ken Robinson (00:48)

Credits: Finding Your Element with Sir Ken Robinson

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Enjoy your life, don't just endure it! Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D, an internationally recognized leader in the development of education, creativity, and innovation and a New York Times best-selling author, brings his noted speaking skills to the screen in this special program. Sir Robinson talks about how to find your “element” and do the work you enjoy with a sense of purpose and contentment. The program offers practical advice, techniques, and resources that will help you put your ideas into practice, helping you lead a more fulfilling life.

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