Segments in this Video

Montreal General (01:22)


On September 13, 2006, Nurse Julie Robidoux takes a call alerting the hospital about a shooting at Dawson College. The trauma ward prepares for victims.

Victim Leslie Markofsky (02:17)

Paramedics describe the panic at Dawson College. They aid a victim who was shot twice in the head. Markofsky describes his injuries.

ABC of Trauma (03:24)

Markofsky is the first to arrive at the trauma unit. Nurses and Dr. Bruno Bernardin describe the chaos.

Markofsky's Head X-ray (02:25)

Experts intubate Leslie Markofsky and send him for a brain scan. Dr. Tarek Razek discusses Markofsky's condition.

Stabilizing Hayder Khadim (03:03)

Dawson College shooting victim Khadim describes his injuries. Paramedics risk their lives to remove him from the unsecured campus area.

Hemicraniectomy (04:16)

The anesthesiologist explains Markofsky's precarious condition. Neurosurgeon Dr. Jeffrey Alan Hall removes bone and bullet fragments but leaves the second bullet in the brain.

Induced Coma (01:38)

Dr. Ash Gursahaney explains the task of reducing Markofsky's cerebral edema. Markofsky describes dreams during his coma.

Hayder Khadim's Injuries (04:08)

Khadim suffers from tachycardia and seizing. He has a progressive brain injury and surgery is not an option. Doctors are concerned by elevated lactic acid levels.

Jessica Albert (03:13)

Trapped in an office, Albert does not realize she was shot. Dr. Van Thanh Nguyen describes her dire condition.

Evaluating Jessica Albert (01:53)

In the trauma unit, Albert undergoes an ultrasound to determine the damage to her abdomen; doctors rush her into the operating room.

Hayder Khadim Regains Consciousness (01:29)

Khadim's lactic acid levels return to normal. Dr. Ash Gursahaney comments on the advantage young people have for trauma recovery.

Jessica Albert: Bullet Trajectory (02:05)

Albert's condition worsens in route to the operating room. Dr. Asenjo explains the importance of maintaining her body temperature during surgery.

Jessica Albert's Surgery (03:55)

Experts pack Albert for hemorrhage control. Dr. Kosar Khwaja removes her spleen; her temperature and blood pressure plummet, forcing Khwaja to stop and stabilize her.

Stabilizing Jessica Albert (01:49)

In critical condition, doctors wrap Albert in warming blankets and put her on a respirator; infection is a concern.

Jessica Albert: Second Operation (02:31)

Dr. Ash Gursahaney finishes his surgery on Albert and closes her wound. During recovery, Albert battles complications from her asthma and lung secretions.

Professional Performance (02:45)

Dr. Tarek Razek describes a sense of pride among the professionals that worked to save the Dawson College shooting victims. Markofsky, Khadim and Albert share thoughts of gratitude.

Room for Improvement (02:11)

Overloaded hospital phone lines forced nurses to call for back-up on pay phones and cell phones. Staff members failed to open the code orange box.

PTSD (01:31)

Hear how the horrific events at Dawson College affected emergency responders.

"Survive Today" (02:42)

Khadim channels his rage through music. He invites Jessica Albert and Leslie Markofsky to take part in his song of survival.

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What really happened in the emergency room at Montreal General Hospital on September 13, 2006? As soon as it learned that a crazed shooter was on a carnage-strewn rampage at Dawson College, the hospital mobilized its staff. Several victims were saved thanks to the skills and quick action of the paramedics and the hospital's trauma unit. Our crew walks us back through the drama and the fight to stay alive via a faithful re-enactment put together with the people who were there.

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