Segments in this Video

Competition for National Team (01:08)


Sixteen-year-old girls compete for a spot to make Canada's national youth women's team.

Training Camp (01:40)

Girls trying out for Canada's youth soccer team go to Fort Lauderdale, FL for training camp.

Intense Competition (01:26)

Brian Rosenfeld, coach of Canada's national women's youth soccer team, is an intense competitor. Amy Harrison struggles as she works to return from a broken foot.

Coach as Psychologist (01:52)

At training camp, Canada's girls soccer team will face the U.S. Coach Brian Rosenfeld must understand the teenage mind as he develops players.

Hopes and Fears (02:34)

Angelika Uremovich is talented but plagued by self-doubt. She celebrates her 16th birthday with the team, but receives the crushing news that she will not play against the U.S.

Starting Lineup (01:16)

Coach Rosenfeld announces before the team the starting lineup for the exhibition against the U.S.

Urging Aggressive Play (02:38)

Canada takes an early 2-0 lead. Coach Rosenfeld remains intense. They win 4-1.

Borderline Cases (01:13)

Angelika Uremovich and Amy Harrison worry about their chances at making the cut.

Soccer Artists (01:39)

Brianna McCarthy is extremely talented; she and best friend Caroline Schmidt appear likely to make the team.

Learning to Drive (00:58)

16-year-old soccer star Brianna McCarthy's father teaches her to drive. She compares driving to soccer.

Inheriting Father's Passion (01:57)

Caroline Schmidt kicks the soccer ball with her father, a soccer star in his youth in Poland before his parents forced him to abandon the game.

Working Out (02:14)

At a Minnesota boarding school for elite athletes, Amy Harrison gets up at 5:41 to work out, fighting to regain fitness and win an invite to the next camp.

Toronto Training Camp (03:18)

Coach Rosenfeld holds a training camp in Toronto. Competition is fiercer than ever, with new recruits.

Injuries (02:10)

Over the course of camp, several players become injured, including Amy Harrison. Coach Rosenfeld encourages her.

Relaxing (00:54)

After the March camp, Angelika Uremovich does exercises to work on focus and mental strength.

Penn State Training Camp (02:09)

Coach Rosenfeld holds a training camp at Penn St., conveying to even his best players that they must do still better.

Intensity Mounts (01:31)

Amy Harrison is at camp despite being out with an injury. Coach Rosenfeld's intensity leaves everyone on edge.

Pre-Game Routine (01:40)

Players sit in sub-zero water to heal aches and pains, a pre-game ritual. At the pregame meeting, they learn who will start.

Beating Penn State (02:10)

Canada beats the Penn State team, full of players older than themselves, as Angelika Uremovich dominates. Coach Rosenfeld is unhappy with Brianna McCarthy's performance.

Review of Camp (02:23)

The last night of camp, Coach Rosenfeld tells the team they achieved great success that rewarded all their struggles.

Final Roster (02:11)

Coach Brian Rosenfeld gathers the team announces the final U-17 roster. Amy Harrison is named captain.

Airport (03:36)

Team Canada leaves for Trinidad for a World Cup qualifier. Angelika Uremovich was injured yesterday in practice and could not go.

Success at Trinidad (01:15)

Canada qualified for the World Cup after success in Trinidad. Learn briefly how players featured in this program performed there.

Credits: Girls of Summer (00:53)

Credits: Girls of Summer

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A group of Canadian teenagers dreams of playing for Canada at the FIFA Under 17 World Cup this fall - but only 20 of them will make the cut. The Girls of Summer follows the powerful transformation of four young women over the course of the year as they develop into elite athletes and struggle to make the team. It’s a story about soccer, but also about all the normal pressures of being a teenage girl.

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