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Ivorian Reggae Singer (04:06)


Tiken Jah Fakoly returns home to Abidjan for a tour. He uses music to educate listeners around the world about social issues in Africa.

Education Initiative (02:05)

51% of Ivory Coast is illiterate. Fakoly plays benefit concerts to build schools and visits an Abidjan campus in need of renovation.

Political Lyrics (01:16)

Fakoly criticizes African corruption in his music and refuses bribes.

Ivory Coast Politics (02:00)

Power struggles have divided the country since 2000. Fakoly fled to Mali when the government accused him of inciting northern rebels.

Challenging African Stereotypes (03:07)

Fakoly arrives in Korhogo to perform at a Muslim festival. He uses lyrics to address Western views of the continent.

Voice of Africa (03:09)

Fakoly engages local Ivorians in a political discussion and explains how he started his musical career to address social injustice.

Female Circumcision Campaign (04:31)

Fakoly works with Malian actress Fatoumata Coulibaly to fight the widespread African practice. She engages villagers in a long term process towards cultural change.

Attempting Cultural Change (03:03)

Coulibaly confronts a woman about performing female circumcision. Villagers feel threatened by her campaign, but she persists.

Ivory Coast Homecoming (02:01)

Fakoly visits his extended family and discusses giving back to the community.

Promoting Ivory Coast Education (02:50)

Fakoly visits a school he funded through a concert. The principal believes peace will come with literacy and development.

Ivory Coast Literacy Challenges (02:09)

A villager can't afford to send his children to Fakoly's school—a common issue across Africa. Fakoly sings an anti-war message in a music video.

Mali Female Education (02:52)

Coulibaly visits her family's compound in Bamako and shows her aunt her Master's diploma. Going to school was difficult because of breaking tradition.

Parental Guidance (01:42)

Fakoly relaxes in Bamako and reflects on his mother's teachings.

Addressing African Poverty (03:36)

Fakoly advises Bamako street children to go to school. He criticizes corrupt politicians and praises deceased leaders in his music.

Musical Inspiration (02:13)

Fakoly describes the creative process and draws on African inequality for song material. He sings for a pet deer.

Credits: The Power of Song: Africa on the Move (00:58)

Credits: The Power of Song: Africa on the Move

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Tiken Jah Fakoly is a star with a conscience. A hugely popular reggae singer from the Ivory Coast, he criticizes politicians through lyrics. As a result, he lives in exile in Mali. Unafraid of controversy, Fakoly believes that the real freedom Africans deserve will only start when education is accessible to all. Malian actress and social activist Fatoumata Coulibaly leads a campaign against female circumcision, a deeply engrained cultural practice. Part of the series Africa On the Move. (43 minutes)

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