Segments in this Video

Abidjan: December, 1997 (02:08)


Mathurin and Ferdinand discuss Woubis radar. (Credits)

Out of the Closet (03:42)

Laurent recalls when he first met Barbara, a transvestite. Learn the meaning of woubis, yossis, toussou, Toussou Bakari, and controus.

Life in Abidjan (03:26)

Vincent explains why he left Burkina. See him perform a cowrie reading and meet Vincent's adopted family.

Committed Relationship (03:10)

Avelido recalls meeting Vincent. They describe their relationship and their love for each other.

Living in Poverty (03:48)

Laurent's mother worries about his future. He discusses realizing he was gay and his family's support.

Family Life (02:54)

Laurent prefers monogamy. He and Jean Jacques discuss their relationship and societal acceptance.

Yossis (04:10)

Sostene refuses to be labeled and he wants secrecy. A man discusses his experiences with woubis. Barbara discusses yossis' attraction to woubis and sexual contact. (Graphic language)

Effeminate? (02:26)

Barbara discusses realizing her attraction to men when she was a young boy, and learning how to cope with her differences. Laurent discusses finding a sense of belonging.

Abidjan Carnival (02:07)

Laurent dances in the street. He discusses love in Africa. Barbara enjoys socializing with people of all sexual orientations. (Graphic language)

Transvestite Prostitution (02:45)

Bibiche says there is no love for him now. He became a prostitute and is thankful for what it provided. Tatiana discusses vice and finding those that share his sexual tastes.

Ivory Coast Transvestite Association (02:23)

Barbara discusses forming ICTA with Tatiana and Tina. The group meets to discuss organizing a December party.

Secret Parties (02:21)

ICTA members discuss their first party and taking their case against the newspapers to the Minister of Communications.

Right to be Different (02:01)

Tatiana describes the perfect yossi and the challenges transvestites face in Africa.

Seeking Acceptance and Love (03:23)

While shopping, Barbara invites people to the ICTA's next party. Vincent and Avelido walk along the beach; Vincent reflects on their relationship.

Spreading the Word (02:37)

Barbara sings by a river. She discusses promoting woubia. (Brief nudity)

Finding Acceptance (03:18)

Barbara has lunch with friends. They discuss learning that Barbara is a transvestite and accepting Barbara for who she is; Barbara works hard for acceptance.

Sexual Deviance? (02:19)

Barbara discusses the concept of what is not "normal" and describes what it is like for two men to have sex.

Motherhood (01:46)

Barbara's friends consider what it would be like to have a child who is a transvestite. Barbara does not plan to have children- she is too busy as ICTA president.

ICTA Party (03:44)

Several people gather to have a good time. Barbara discusses coming to terms with her nature and sexuality. (Nudity)

Celebration (03:01)

Laurent discusses self-acceptance. Vincent discusses rejection. See scenes from the ICTA party.

Describing Barbara (03:26)

Barbara's friends discuss her duality and consider who she is.

Credits: Woubi Cheri (00:56)

Credits: Woubi Cheri

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Woubi Chéri is the first film to give African homosexuals a chance to describe their world in their own words. Often funny, sometimes ribald, but always real, this documentary introduces us to gender pioneers demanding their right to construct a distinct African homosexuality. With English subtitles.

Length: 63 minutes

Item#: BVL57854

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