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Introduction: Supermarket Sleuth: Episode 2 (02:13)

Scientists and volunteers will help host Cherry Healey investigate supermarket favorites, such as cookies, porridge and sandwiches, to learn how we can enjoy them without gaining weight.

Love of the Fattening Cookie (02:10)


Scientists believe we are designed to crave sugar and its essential fuel for our brains. Studies show we are likely to eat more food when exposed to a variety.

Cookie Variety Experiment (01:27)

Cherry Healey sets out a plate of orange cookies next to a plate of mixed colored cookies to see which ones will be consumed first.

Brain Scan on Empty Stomach (02:25)

Cherry Healey undergoes an MRI to see how her brain responds to pictures of different foods. She then eats as many of one type of cookie as she desires.

How Temptation Works (02:02)

After filling up on cookies, Cherry Healey undergoes a second MRI. The data reveals she has lost her desire for cookies, but is attracted to any food that tastes different.

Britain's Popular Sandwich (01:16)

Londoners eat 600 million of the 11.5 billion sandwiches bought in the UK every year. Dr. Alex Johnstone says people fail diets because they feel hungry.

Preventing Afternoon Snacking (02:41)

Three groups participate in a sandwich experiment to see which ingredient keeps them satiated longer, carbohydrates, fat or protein.

Afternoon Snack Consumption (02:21)

The group that was given extra protein ate fewer afternoon snacks because the enzymes in the stomach break down protein into amino acids which send a message of fullness to the brain.

World Porridge Making Championships (03:18)

Cherry Healey travels to Scotland to watch the competition for the Golden Spurtle. Porridge "releases energy all day."

Positive Properties of Porridge (02:24)

Prof. Derek Stewart discusses the benefits of the oat cereal. Its beta-glucan fiber may protect against heart disease and help manage weight.

Porridge Champions (02:54)

Milk and fruit can be added to porridge for protein and variety. The winner of the 2012 Golden Spurtle is announced.

Love of Nuts (02:09)

Cherry Healey goes in search of a savory snack that won't add to her waistline. She offers nuts to patrons at Spitafields Market.

Nut Diet Experiment (04:07)

Dietician Sian Porter says the fat in nuts is good for heart health. Cherry Healey will consume 14,500 calories of almonds over a 30 day period.

Nut Diet Results (04:14)

Hear how much weight Cherry Healey has gained from her almond diet. Sian Porter illustrates that much of a chewed nut remains intact. Research shows only 3/4 of the calories are absorbed.

Ice Cream Eating Experiment (03:57)

Brits bought 392 million liters of ice cream last year. Dr. Katherine McCullough conducts a test proving that the speed we eat influences satiety.

Eating Slowly Saves Calories (01:08)

Dr. Katherine McCullough explains why taking longer to eat ice cream makes us feel more full.

Britain's Love of Dairy (02:14)

These five brides as well as 44 % of people in the UK, who plan to marry, intend to lose weight before their wedding. Dietician Sian Porter recommends low-fat yogurt for weight loss.

Preparing for Yogurt Diet (01:19)

Five brides are weighed and measured before going on a 10-week, 1500 calorie diet. Three will get yogurt in their diet. Yogurt is packed with protein, B2 & B12. Sales in Britain have risen 25% over five years.

Yogurt Diet Results (02:55)

Brides use video journals to report their progress. Learn the bride's weights at the end of the 10-week period and the percentage of fat lost in two brides.

Low-Fat Yogurt Reduces Body Fat (00:59)

Calcium lowers levels of hormones in the body that normally store fat and it also binds to some of the digested fat in your gut, preventing it from being absorbed by your body.

Summary: Supermarket Sleuth: Episode 2 (01:19)

Cherry Healey reviews the supermarket favorites tested in this episode and gives us a sneak peak at her next episode.

Credits: Supermarket Sleuth: Episode 2 (00:34)

Credits: Supermarket Sleuth: Episode 2

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Cherry Healey uncovers the hidden health powers of some of our favorite foods. From the fat-burning properties of dairy to the brain-boosting berry that could get every student concentrating, she discovers healthy secrets lurking in the most surprising places. In this episode Cherry tackles the battle of the bulge, testing the everyday staples that could help us all to lose weight. A part of the series Supermarket Sleuth. A BBC Production.

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