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Adventures of Don Quixote: Meaning of Novel (01:36)


On-screen text explains what "Don Quixote" is on the surface, and its deeper appeal as the story of Imagination struggling with Reality. This 1933 adaptation of Miguel de Cervantes' novel stars Russian opera singer Feodor Chaliapin.

Adventures of Don Quixote: Characters Introduced (02:31)

Quixote reads a book aloud, seemingly believing he is speaking to its princess himself. Someone says he is mad; his niece defends him. He has sold his land to buy books; Sancho Panza arrives with the books.

Adventures of Don Quixote: Sancho Becomes Squire (01:46)

Quixote tells Sancho his heart aches with the injustice in the world, and makes him his squire, offering him a share of the kingdoms he will conquer. Sancho's wife rebukes him for wasting his days on Quixote's fantasies.

Adventures of Don Quixote: Preparing for Knighthood (03:16)

Don Quixote sings songs as he prepares to begin his knightly career, dedicating his knighthood to his lady.

Adventures of Don Quixote: Saving Princess in Distress (03:58)

Actors perform a skit in which a knight defends a princess in distress. Quixote enters and fights on the side of the knight. To amuse the audience, the actor playing the King dubs him a knight.

Adventures of Don Quixote: Defending Lady's Honor (01:07)

A man chides a farm girl as lazy. Don Quixote asks him he dares insult a lady before a knight.

Adventures of Don Quixote: Singing at Barn (02:11)

Don Quixote, outside a barn, sings of castles. Onlookers are amused.

Adventures of Don Quixote: Attack on Sheep (02:13)

Quixote and Sancho sally forth and encounter sheep, which Quixote sees as giants and attacks.

Adventures of Don Quixote: Sancho's Errand to Dulcinea (03:14)

Quixote sends Sancho to find Dulcinea and get a new helmet. Sancho encounters someone who knows who Quixote is referring to. He returns with a helmet and recounts his adventures.

Adventures of Don Quixote: Freeing Prisoners (03:12)

Quixote sees prisoners being led to galleys and frees them. He tells them to take their chains to his lady; they stone him.

Adventures of Don Quixote: Apprehended by Police (05:17)

Authorities are after Don Quixote. Police track him down at an inn by hearing Sancho there singing of the life of a knight.

Adventures of Don Quixote: Entertaining Court (08:11)

The Duke presents Quixote for guests' amusement; Quixote sings of Dulcinea's beauty. Another "knight" challenges Quixote's claims, leading to a challenge. The Duke makes both promise the loser will renounce knight errantry.

Adventures of Don Quixote: Victory in Single Combat (04:31)

The Duke's guests expect to be amused by Quixote's combat, but he unexpectedly wins. He is humiliated to realize he has been tricked, and his opponent wasn't a real knight.

Adventures of Don Quixote: Duke Lets Knight Alone (01:37)

Advisors urge the Duke to deal with Quixote on religious grounds; the Duke dismisses their concern but says they may burn his books. Quixote and Sancho encounter travelers suffering under the Duke's misrule.

Adventures of Don Quixote: Tilting at Windmills (08:52)

Don Quixote attacks windmills, thinking they are giants. The arm of a windmill grabs him. Crowds rescue and mock him, then are sorrowful at his disillusionment.

Credits: Adventures of Don Quixote (01:07)

Credits: Adventures of Don Quixote

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This 1933 adaptation of the greatest of all Spanish novels stars the legendary Russian opera singer Feodor Chaliapin as the would-be knight Don Quixote. The plot is severely condensed from the original, but several of the most famous scenes are included. Chaliapin sings three songs in the film. Also starring George Robey and Renee Valliers. Directed by Georg Wilhem Pabst.

Length: 56 minutes

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