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Anna Karenina: Opening Scene (02:30)


Stepan's servants help him dress after sleeping in the office; his wife is leaving him with the children. He receives news that his sister Anna is arriving from St. Petersburg that day. This feature film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" stars Vivien Leigh and Ralph Richardson.

Anna Karenina: Journey to Moscow (03:45)

Anna and Countess Vronsky compare portraits of their sons on the train. Vronsky visits Kitty's family before meeting his mother at the station. Kitty tells Levine she loves Vronsky.

Anna Karenina: Love at First Sight (03:00)

Vronsky and Anna spot each other at the Moscow station before being formally introduced by Countess Vronsky. As Anna leaves with Stepan, a worker is crushed by a train.

Anna Karenina: Marital Peacemaker (04:38)

Anna arrives to the Oblonsky household and convinces Dolly to forgive Stepan's adultery. She and Kitty discuss Vronsky and make plans for the ball. Vronsky stops by to ask if the Oblonskys will attend and sees Anna on the stairwell.

Anna Karenina: Kitty's Embarrassment (05:18)

Vronsky only dances with Anna at the Moscow Ball. Upset, Kitty leaves; her parents agree that Levin is a better suitor. Vronsky asks Anna to a horse race and she leaves before supper to rest for her journey back to St. Petersburg.

Anna Karenina: Anna's Departure (01:54)

Dolly tells Anna she spoiled Kitty's ball by dancing with Vronsky. Anna asks Dolly to tell Kitty she wishes her a happy marriage; Dolly thanks her for helping her own marital problems.

Anna Karenina: Vronsky's Pursuit (02:50)

On the journey to St. Petersburg, Anna discovers Vronsky is on the same train. He confesses his love but she discourages him.

Anna Karenina: St. Petersburg Homecoming (02:06)

Karenin meets Anna at the station; Vronsky asks if he can call on them. Anna is happy to see her son Sergei.

Anna Karenina: Inattentive Husband (05:52)

Kitty is devastated by Vronsky's betrayal; Dolly tries to console her. Karenin is consumed by work and sends Anna to the opera alone. She kisses Sergei goodnight on her way out.

Anna Karenina: Anna's Premonition (02:50)

St. Petersburg society members gossip about Vronsky shadowing Anna at the opera. They decide to have a séance when she arrives; Anna shares a dream where an old man strikes metal—symbolizing her death.

Anna Karenina: Vronsky's Declaration (02:44)

While guests hold a séance, Anna tells Vronsky about Kitty's illness and says they must end their affair before it begins. He says he can't help being in love with her.

Anna Karenina: Karenin's Accusation (05:10)

Karenin arrives to the séance and discovers Anna and Vronsky alone in another room. He confronts her about her behavior when she returns home; she denies having an affair.

Anna Karenina: Officers' Races (05:34)

Vronsky says he wants to take Anna away. Karenin jealously observes Anna watching Vronsky's progress; his horse falls but he is unhurt. Karenin insists on taking Anna home, as she is upset.

Anna Karenina: Anna's Confession (01:02)

Karenin reprimands Anna for her behavior at the races. She confirms the rumors that she loves Vronsky.

Anna Karenina: Karenin's Threat (05:38)

Karenin seeks a divorce from Anna and custody of their son; the lawyer needs evidence of her adultery. Anna confronts him as he looks for love letters; he refuses to change his mind—insisting she keep up appearances during their separation.

Anna Karenina: Maintaining Social Appearances (04:47)

As Karenin returns to Moscow, Anna and Vronsky are united and he resigns from his military rank. A friend advises her to be discreet about the affair to avoid tragedy, but she wants to run away with Vronsky.

Anna Karenina: Anna's Change of Heart (05:53)

Anna sends for Karenin to return to St. Petersburg. She's had a stillborn child and is in a delirious fever. Vronsky enters the house and overhears her tell Karenin the affair is over and ask his forgiveness.

Anna Karenina: Karenin's Forgiveness (01:36)

Karenin tells Vronsky he'll stop the divorce proceedings and take Anna back, if she lives. Vronsky leaves.

Anna Karenina: Suicide Attempt (02:59)

Vronsky tries to kill himself. Moved by his action, Kitty asks Levin's forgiveness and proclaims her love.

Anna Karenina: Abandoning Society (04:24)

Anna stays home from Kitty and Levin's wedding. After Karenin and Sergei leave for the church, she runs away from St. Petersburg with Vronsky.

Anna Karenina: Escape to Venice (01:59)

Anna and Vronsky enjoy their new home in Italy.

Anna Karenina: Homesick for Russia (04:08)

Vronsky goes to meet a Russian fleet landing in Venice. Anna spends time with the housekeeper's son, missing Sergei. When Vronsky comes back she suggests they return to Russia for the winter.

Anna Karenina: Safeguarding Reputation (03:31)

Karenin worries what society will say about Anna's return. A friend relays her request to see Sergei; he tells Stepan to give her his refusal.

Anna Karenina: Reunion with Sergei (04:19)

Anna tries to see her son, against Karenin's wishes. A loyal servant sneaks her in; Karenin has told him she was dead. Karenin catches her and refuses to grant a divorce.

Anna Karenina: Anna's Jealousy (02:08)

Countess Vronsky refuses to take in Vronsky and Anna for propriety reasons. Anna is suspicious she's trying to marry him to a princess and doesn't understand why they can't go to the opera together.

Anna Karenina: Public Humiliation (03:43)

Anna goes to the opera alone and sees Vronsky with his mother and the princess. No one speaks to her; she's frustrated that Vronsky is free in society while she is shunned. She plans to leave for Moscow.

Anna Karenina: Anna's Paranoia (02:21)

Upon arriving in Moscow, Vronsky is requested to return to St. Petersburg. Anna is convinced his mother is plotting to marry him to the princess; they argue about her getting a divorce from Karenin.

Anna Karenina: Anna's Desperation (04:19)

Anna comes to Dolly, convinced Vronsky will abandon her. They visit Kitty's new baby, but Kitty's parents refuse to speak to her. Vronsky comes and she accuses him of no longer loving her; he leaves without resolving the argument.

Anna Karenina: Vronsky's Departure (01:38)

Anna finds a note from Vronsky that he's gone to St. Petersburg but will return in two days. She's convinced he'll marry the princess under pressure from his mother.

Anna Karenina: Anna's Tragedy (06:14)

Anna boards the train in for St. Petersburg to pursue Vronsky. She exits at a fueling station and sees the elderly man from her dream. Driven mad, she walks in front of the train and is killed. View the final sentence from Tolstoy's novel.

Credits: Anna Karenina (00:50)

Credits: Anna Karenina

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This famous 1948 adaptation of Tolstoy's unforgettable novel stars Vivien Leigh as Anna, the wife and mother who falls tragically in love with the dashing Count Vronsky. Starring Vivien Leigh, Kieron Moore, Ralph Richardson, Marie Lohr, Niall MacGinnis, and Helen Haye. Directed by Julien Duvivier. The famous playwright Jean Anouilh adapted the screenplay.

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