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Credits: White Fang (00:52)


Credits: White Fang. This 1973 adaptation of Jack London's classic novel stars Franco Nero and Virna Lisi.

White Fang: Naming Fang (03:15)

Charlie's trap has captured Buck's pup. Mitsah is warned not to trust the half-wolf dog.

White Fang: Befriending Fang (01:20)

Mitsah is awakened by Fang's barking. He sneaks out to feed the dog.

White Fang: Chasing Fang Away (02:13)

Thinking his son is in danger, Charlie rushes in to stop Mitsah from playing with Fang.

White Fang: Kurt Jansen & Jason Scott Arrive (02:53)

Charlie is happy to see his old friend, Kurt, arriving by sled. Jason plans to write about the miners of the Klondike. Charlie warns the men about the corrupt city of Dawson.

White Fang: Ferry Pulls in to Dawson (03:08)

Father Oatley drinks in the saloon. Smith warns him that if he wants to keep stealing the Sunday offerings he'd better shape up.

White Fang: Sister Evangelina Meets Jason (02:44)

As they debark, Jason asks Sister Evangelina why she has come to Dawson City. Familiar with his forthright books, she asks him to write about the poor people of the area.

White Fang: Sister Evangelina Meets Father Oatley (01:36)

Father Oatley solicits donations from newcomers to Dawson City. Sister tells Father she plans to build a hospital and he is pleased to learn she has plenty of funds.

White Fang: Mitsah's Fishing Accident (03:55)

Mitsah falls into the frigid lake water when the ice beneath him cracks. Fang pulls him out and runs for help. Charlie realizes the barking dog is trying to tell him something and follows him to Mitsah.

White Fang: Fist Fight (03:34)

Smith's henchmen order Kurt to stop hammering and Jason to remove the sign. Smith is not pleased to meet the man who just beat up his henchmen.

White Fang: Sled to Dawson (00:49)

Charlie takes Mitsah to see a doctor in Dawson City. Fang follows. to find doctor.

White Fang: Miners Contract With Smith (02:28)

While resurveying the miner's claims, Kurt and Jason learn that "Beauty" Smith controls the town of Dawson and that all gold is sold to him.

White Fang: Secret Meeting (04:07)

Krista entertains the patrons and then slips away to meet her father. Kurt listens at the door. Jason heads upstairs to talk with Smith.

White Fang: Smith's Monopoly (01:20)

Jason confronts Smith about his unscrupulous business dealings with the miners and people of Dawson City.

White Fang: Kurt and Krista (02:38)

Kurt uses his knowledge that Reverend Oatley is Krista's dad to blackmail her into having a drink with him.

White Fang: Invited Aboard (03:14)

Charlie canoes his son Mitsah downriver to Dawson City. Fang follows along on the river bank.

White Fang: Seeking a Doctor (01:09)

Immediately after arriving to Dawson City, Fang gets into a fight with another dog and Father Oatley makes a deal with Charlie for furs.

White Fang: Waiting Outside the Hospital (01:27)

Sister Evangelina tends to Mitsah. Fang breaks free from the rope used to tie him up outside.

White Fang: Let Them Fight (02:23)

Charlie comes out of the hospital to find the townspeople watching a fight between Fang and Smith's dog.

White Fang: Charlie Killed (04:50)

Charlie refuses to sell Fang to Smith. Father Oatley hides the knife used to stab Charlie. Charlie asks Sister Evangelina to care for Mitsah.

White Fang: Father Oatley's Sermon (03:56)

Oatley preaches on the sins of killing someone of another race. Jason tries to get Oatley to tell him who killed Charlie.

White Fang: Murder Weapon (02:18)

The Mounties catch Chester and bring him in for questioning about Charlie's murder.

White Fang: Rigged Fight (04:23)

The townspeople place bets to see Fang pitted against a bear. Smith lets them believe the bear will be muzzled.

White Fang: Near Death (03:35)

Sister Evangelina asks Father Oatley for the key to the alcohol cabinet. Feverish Mitsah senses Fang is in trouble. Using a fire hose, Sister, Krista, Kurt and Jason stop the bear from killing Fang.

White Fang: Fang Lives (02:33)

Sister Evangelina nurses Fang. Mitsah wonders where his father is. Sister and Jason discuss parenting Mitsah. Jason and Mitsah play fetch with Fang.

White Fang: Parenting Mitsah (01:54)

Jason and Kurt discuss the miner's hopes that the damn will help. Kurt offers to go see if the rumor about mining on the other side of the mountain is true.

White Fang: Krista Rebuffs Smith (01:37)

Smith walks in on Krista while she is undressing. He orders her to stay away from Sister Evangelina. Father Oatley defends his daughter against Smith.

White Fang: Fang Saves Jason (06:23)

Smith arranges to have Chester broken out of jail. Sensing danger, Fang breaks through a window and frees himself from a trap to protect Jason from Chester.

White Fang: New Gold Vein (02:36)

After intercepting a telegram for Jason, Smith learns about gold in Alaska. He plans to leave Dawson and take Krista with him.

White Fang: Krista Summoned (01:05)

Hall persuades Krista to meet with Smith by making her believe he wants to talk about her father. Sister sends Mitsah for Father Oatley.

White Fang: Krista Silenced (04:16)

Krista refuses Smith's proposal to take her to California. Father Oatley believes Krista was killed to keep her from talking. He spreads the news about gold in Alaska.

White Fang: Fang to the Rescue (05:22)

Duped miners destroy the town looking for Smith and Hall. Smith holds Mitsah at gunpoint. Fang attacks Smith to free Mitsah. Father Oatley is shot.

White Fang: Damn Explosion (06:12)

Smith and Hall try to escape through the forest. Smith threatens to blow the damn. Fang attacks Smith and Hall. Jason can't get to the dynamite in time.

White Fang: Mitsah Believes Fang Lives (02:26)

Sister Evangelina, Jason and Mitsah leave Dawson by ferry. Fang escapes an abandoned building by jumping through a window.

White Fang: Rescuing Fang (03:20)

Sitting on the deck, Jason explains the nature of miners to Sister Evangelina. Jason bails over the side of the ferry to rescue Fang.

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White Fang

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This 1973 adaptation of Jack London's classic novel follows the adventures of the half-wolf White Fang as he helps a reporter and a young boy clean up a wild town in the Yukon. Starring Franco Nero and Virna Lisi. Directed by Lucio Fulci.

Length: 103 minutes

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Copyright date: ©1973

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