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A Farewell to Arms: Opening Scene (01:18)


This 1932 adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's classic war novel, starring Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes, emphasizes the romance between Frederic Henry and Catherine Barkley. Many critics consider it to be the best film version of any of Hemingway's works. In the opening scene, the names of two World War I battles are invoked. An Italian ambulance driver won't stop for a dying soldier—the brakes won't hold. Frederic naps along the journey from the front.

A Farewell to Arms: Improper Conduct (03:14)

Frederic arrives to a hospital and is sent to the Italian wing by an English officer who scolds a nurse for getting pregnant. Catherine offers to help her pack in an empathetic gesture.

A Farewell to Arms: English Nurses (02:00)

Frederic is reunited with Rinaldi, who tells him of Catherine's beauty and plans to romance her. They decide to go out drinking with Italian girls.

A Farewell to Arms: Air Raid (02:58)

Frederic and Rinaldi are flirting with an Italian woman when shelling begins. In the shelter, Frederic mistakes Catherine for the girl.

A Farewell to Arms: Formal Introduction (03:53)

Rinaldi introduces Frederic to Catherine at an officer's party. They establish why they joined the Italian front while Rinaldi gets drinks; he's unwelcome upon returning.

A Farewell to Arms: Romantic Walk (03:28)

Frederic and Catherine get to know each other. Catherine describes how her fiancé was killed in the war. Frederic tries to kiss her but she resists; after he backs off she relents.

A Farewell to Arms: Ruined Reputation (06:12)

Nurses look for Catherine; Rinaldi says she's alone with Frederic. He pressures her to have sex and then regrets taking her virginity. Later, Frederic refuses to tell Rinaldi about their date and Catherine believes she's been a conquest.

A Farewell to Arms: Love Understanding (04:59)

Frederic returns to the hospital to look for Catherine. She gives him a St. Anthony's medallion for protection at the front. Rinaldi convinces the English commander to transfer her to Milan.

A Farewell to Arms: Wounded at the Front (04:44)

An attack starts during dinner and Frederic is wounded. Rinaldi comes to treat him and promises to transfer him to the Milan hospital where Catherine was sent.

A Farewell to Arms: Reunited in Milan (03:06)

Frederic arrives at the hospital. Catherine is overjoyed to see him and promises to visit that night.

A Farewell to Arms: Secret Wedding (05:31)

A priest visits Frederic in the hospital. Catherine comes in and they confess they are in love; he blesses them although army regulations prevent them from getting married. After he leaves, they celebrate their union.

A Farewell to Arms: Relationship Confessions (03:34)

Frederic and Catherine enjoy a drink in Milan; Fergie warns him not to get her in trouble. When they are alone Catherine asks Frederic about past women; he promises she's his first love.

A Farewell to Arms: Convalescence Canceled (01:16)

Miss Van Campen discovers Frederic's bottle stash and accuses him of drinking to avoid returning to the front.

A Farewell to Arms: Painful Goodbye (06:01)

Catherine and Frederic spend their final hours together in a Milan hotel room; she confesses her fear that he’ll die. As his train signals for departure, he promises to return to her.

A Farewell to Arms: Alone and Pregnant (03:24)

Catherine buys a train ticket to Switzerland and tells Fergie she's expecting a baby—but Frederic doesn't know yet. After settling in, she writes to him pretending to be in luxury.

A Farewell to Arms: Resisting Temptation (02:45)

Rinaldi tries to persuade Frederic to chase Italian women but he stays home to write to Catherine. Annoyed at his devotion to her, Rinaldi returns Catherine's letter while censoring officer's mail.

A Farewell to Arms: Deserting the Italian Army (07:13)

Frederic's letters to Catherine return unopened. He sets off for Milan to find her, joining a column of soldiers. Along the way, they are apprehended by the enemy and he escapes by jumping in a river.

A Farewell to Arms: A Deserter's Shock (02:47)

Returning to Milan, Frederic sneaks into Fergie's room at the hospital. She says Catherine's pregnant—but won't reveal her location. He convinces Ralph to lend him civilian clothes and put a message to Catherine in the paper.

A Farewell to Arms: Wanted by the Police (02:41)

Rinaldi sees Frederic's message to Catherine in the paper. He meets Frederic and warns him he'll be shot for desertion, if arrested. Frederic tells him Catherine is pregnant and Rinaldi reveals her location in Switzerland.

A Farewell to Arms: Catherine's Shock (01:52)

As Catherine sends Frederic her portrait from Switzerland, her letters to him are returned. She faints and is taken to the hospital.

A Farewell to Arms: Race against Time (01:44)

Rinaldi directs Frederic across the lake to Switzerland and wishes him luck finding Catherine. She is in labor at the hospital as he rows across in a storm.

A Farewell to Arms: Catherine's Loss (03:22)

Catherine grows weaker in the hospital and wishes Frederic were there. He arrives as she goes into surgery; the baby is stillborn. The doctor tells him to get breakfast while he waits to see her.

A Farewell to Arms: Armistice (02:15)

Frederic enters a cafe in a daze. Patrons read news headlines about Italy's victory as he prays for Catherine to live.

A Farewell to Arms: Peace (06:53)

Catherine asks for Frederic in the recovery room. They swear eternal love and she dies in his arms as armistice bells ring outside.

Credits: A Farewell to Arms (00:29)

Credits: A Farewell to Arms

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This 1932 adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's classic war novel emphasizes the romance between Frederic Henry and Catherine Barkley. Many critics consider it to be the best film version of any of Hemingway's works. Starring Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes. Directed by Frank Borzage.

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