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Chemical Changes and Energy (04:09)


Vocabulary includes: Law of Conservation of Energy, covalent bonds, energy output, energy input, spontaneous reaction, exergonic reaction, endergonic reaction, and exothermic reaction, endothermic reaction, enthalpy, and calorimetry.

Activation Energy and Product Formation (02:54)

Learn the three types of elementary reactions. Vocabulary includes: kinetic energy, activation energy, reactant molecules, activated complex, transition state, unimolecular, bimolecular, and termolecular.

Reaction Mechanism (01:22)

The reaction mechanism describes how bonds are broken and formed. Vocabulary includes: organic substitution, reaction rate, and rate determining step.

Standard Heats of Reaction (04:27)

Learn about bond dissociation energy. Vocabulary includes: kJ/mol, gaseous state, average values, kJ, single bonds, multiple bonds, total enthalpy change, heat of reaction, exothermic, and endothermic.

Thermochemical Equations and Hess's Law (03:11)

Learn the two steps in an enthalpy reaction. Vocabulary includes: Law of Constant Heat Summation, chemical equation, and reaction equation.

Specific Heat Capacity and Calorimetry (03:38)

Learn the definition of specific heat capacity and its various applications. Vocabulary includes: thermodynamic/materials testing and identify elements/compounds.

Credits: The Energy of Chemical Reactions (00:38)

Credits: The Energy of Chemical Reactions

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The Energy of Chemical Reactions

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Chemical changes occur around us, and inside us, all the time. When chemical reactions happen, one or more new substances are formed and energy is either given off or absorbed in the process. Spontaneous chemical reactions, those that occur naturally under favorable conditions release free energy, meaning they are exergonic. Endergonic reactions, by contrast, require net energy input to make the reaction happen. This video explores energy associated with chemical reactions, and covers areas such as activation energy and product formation, standard heats of reaction, thermochemical equations and Hess’ Law, and specific heat capacity and calorimetry. It is essential viewing for any chemistry student, providing clear explanations and easily understood visuals, including comprehensive chemical equations, about concepts that many students find challenging. (21 minutes)

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