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Chromatography (05:31)


Learn the various forms of chromatography. Vocabulary includes: mobile phase; stationary phase; paper chromatography; retention factor; thin layer chromatography; column chromatography; gas-liquid chromatography; and chromatogram.

Mass Spectrometry (03:51)

Learn the purpose of mass spectrometry. Vocabulary includes: ionized atoms; molecular fragments; deflection; magnetic field; charged particle; electron beam; mass to charge ratio; and mass spectrum.

Infrared (05:37)

Learn the three elements of infrared. Vocabulary includes: dipole moment; symmetrical stretching; asymmetrical stretching, scissoring; rocking; wagging; twisting; wavenumber; and fingerprint region.

NMR (06:53)

NMR uses radiation from the radio wave end of the electromagnetic spectrum: Vocabulary includes: nucleons; magnetic field; alpha and beta levels; resonance; NMR spectroscopy; HNMR; C13NMR; TMS; and chemical shift.

Credits: Chemical Analysis Techniques (00:51)

Credits: Chemical Analysis Techniques

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Chemical Analysis Techniques

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Chemical analysis has wide-ranging applications, from its use in many different industries such as mining, environmental management and chemical manufacturing, to forensic science and cutting-edge medical testing and procedures. This film explores a range of important chemical analysis techniques, including chromatography, mass spectrometry, infra-red and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). It explains how chemical principles are applied in the various analysis techniques and how it is possible to identify very specific chemical elements and compounds using them. Students of chemistry will find the structure of this outstanding resource, together with the graphics and other visual imagery, engaging and effective in explaining the range of concepts covered. (23 minutes)

Length: 23 minutes

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ISBN: 978-0-81609-680-0

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