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Defining Parkinson's (01:26)


Experts explain how the progressive neurodegenerative disease creates a dopamine shortage, affecting muscle movement.

Parkinson's Symptoms (00:48)

Tremors, muscle stiffness, and difficulties with movement, balance and breathing can affect patients.

Parkinson's Prevalence (01:26)

Genetic and environmental factors are likely to contribute to the disease, affecting 6 million worldwide. Prevalence and incidence increase with advancing age.

Parkinson's Case Studies (02:32)

A young woman's age made it difficult for doctors to diagnose her symptoms. An older man describes his daily life with the disease.

Diagnosing Parkinson's (01:40)

Doctors diagnose the disease based on the patient's medical history, symptom progression, and a clinical examination.

Treating Parkinson's (Graphic) (03:52)

Medication or surgery is used as the disease progresses; learn patient selection criteria. View an operation using Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) therapy to target specific brain areas.

Physiotherapy for Parkinson's (02:18)

Learn physical therapy techniques and strategies that help patients cope with "freezing", or sudden immobility.

Exercise for Parkinson's (01:30)

A patient describes her experience with physiotherapy; swimming, walking, stationary bike, yoga, tai chi and Pilates are generally effective.

Living with Parkinson's (01:30)

A patient describes her social support network for coping with the disease.

Parkinson's Outlook (02:15)

Learn details of an electronic monitoring system providing doctors with patient data. Efforts to improve treatment include gene and stem cell therapy research.

Parkinson's Conclusion (02:33)

If patients adhere to therapy programs, Parkinson's is considered a manageable disease. A woman describes lifestyle changes she's made since being diagnosed.

Credits: Parkinson’s: Disease and…Ease (02:13)

Credits: Parkinson’s: Disease and…Ease

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Parkinson’s: Disease and…Ease

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Commonly thought of as an elderly person’s affliction, Parkinson’s disease in reality often begins before a patient reaches an advanced age. This film presents case studies drawn from a broader age range than is normally associated with the disorder. To start with, a 40-year-old woman explains the difficulties she experienced for about 10 years until doctors finally diagnosed her with Parkinson’s. Viewers also meet a man well into his senior years who copes with the disease, aided by a physiotherapist and a daily exercise program. The causal factors, symptoms, and treatment of Parkinson’s Disease are explored, with intriguing medical developments highlighted by University of Athens professor and neurosurgeon Damianos Sakas, who explains the innovative procedure known as Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). In conjunction with Dr. Sakas’s commentary, the program shows an actual DBS operation in which the patient is awake and responsive during surgery. Contains surgical scenes of a graphic nature. (Portions with English subtitles, 25 minutes)

Length: 25 minutes

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