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Lesbian Couple Adopting (01:47)


A lesbian couple decides to adopt a child. Amy Bohigian will talk to other gay and lesbian couples who are adopting children.

Adoption Agencies' Attitudes (01:39)

A gay couple talks about their conversation about adopting a child or becoming surrogate parents. Some adoption agencies are reluctant to work with same-sex couples.

Desire for Children (03:14)

One woman in a lesbian couple turned unsuccessfully to artificial insemination. A woman had kids before forming a lesbian relationship and coming out to her husband. A gay couple talks about adopting.

Adoption Agencies' Assumptions (01:46)

A lesbian couple finds that an adoption agency assumes it will deal with opposite-sex married couples. Another says their adoption agency avoided the question of their being lesbian.

Adoption of Sick Children (00:52)

A couple fills out an adoption questionnaire about what health problems they would be willing to accept in a child. If they don't accept any, they are unlikely to be able to adopt.

Losing Children (01:53)

A lesbian couple talks about fostering a baby. A birth mother arranged with a gay couple to adopt her child before the birth father's family objected to same-sex parents.

Possible Adoption Opportunity (03:03)

A lesbian couple may have an opportunity to adopt twins. The birth parents like their online profile but are fundamentalists and are concerned about same-sex parents.

Searching for Child to Adopt (02:14)

A gay couple wanted to adopt a boy after seeing a video of him on an adoption site. A lesbian couple visited foreign orphanages looking for a baby before finally coming upon twins, who were in bad shape.

Feeling Judged (02:32)

A lesbian couple gives their thoughts on an interview with a fundamentalist Christian couple about adopting their twins. A gay couple adopting a child also feels they have to prove themselves to wary birth parents.

Adopted Aboriginal Child (01:23)

A lesbian couple takes their adopted aboriginal baby to visit her home community. The visit is a cause of great celebration in the community.

Preparing for Adoption (01:34)

After a period of suspense, a lesbian couple learns they will be allowed to adopt twins. They go shopping, having only two weeks to prepare.

Joy at Adoption (01:32)

A gay couple talks about finding out about a baby for them to adopt, and the emotional significance of having a child after having gone through life uncertain since teenage years.

Meeting Adoptive Kids (02:45)

A lesbian couple driving to meet the kids they are adopting talk about their emotions. They spend all waking hours with the foster family for two weeks to insure smooth transition.

Adopting Newborn (02:15)

A gay couple meets a newborn baby they are adopting. They take the baby home and care for him. They bonded instantly and the baby became truly their son.

Bonding with Adopted Twins (01:31)

A lesbian couple talks about adopting twin babies from Romania, one of whom was near death, and bonding quickly.

Religious Tension (01:40)

A lesbian couple stays with fundamentalist foster parents of babies they are adopting. Religious and moral conflict ensues. The adopting couple strongly wants a smooth transition.

Post-Adoption Relationship with Birth Parents (01:34)

A birth mother wants to keep away from the gay couple adopting her child. A lesbian couple has fostered a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome; the birth mother feels guilt but stays connected in the girl's life and lets the couple keep her.

Fight for Custody (01:13)

A lesbian woman adopted a child but then had to fight to get her partner legally-recognized custody.

Part of Family (01:57)

A gay man says his conservative Catholic mother has come to accept his and his partner's adoption of a son. They met the boy at an orphanage, where he asked them to adopt him.

Parenting (02:34)

A couple took adopted twins back to Romania to meet their birth family at age eight. A couple brings new twins home and helps them adjust to their new life.

Second Adoption (02:17)

A lesbian couple talks about their adoption of a second set of two kids, a relatively long time after their first.

Kids Upbringing (01:31)

A lesbian couple talks about their adopted daughter growing up in a world where having two mothers is not the norm.

Raising Children (01:57)

Gay couples talk about the experience of raising adopted kids.

Cross-Cultural Understanding (03:52)

A lesbian couple takes their adopted kids to visit their former foster parents, who are Christian fundamentalists. These parents now consider the adoptive parents more loving than many Christians.

Credits: Conceiving Family: Stories of Gay and Lesbian Adoption (01:25)

Credits: Conceiving Family: Stories of Gay and Lesbian Adoption

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Conceiving Family: Stories of Gay and Lesbian Adoption

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Following filmmaker Amy Bohigian and her partner as they adopt 15-month-old twins, this program highlights the legal, social, and personal difficulties that accompany the rewards of parenthood when gays and lesbians start families through adoption. Required to live with the twins’ foster parents for two weeks to help the children transition, Bohigian and the other adults are forced to work out their different attitudes towards same-sex parenting, with surprising results. Also profiled: long-term partners fighting to both be legitimized as legal parents, a birth family with second thoughts about giving their child to a same-sex couple, lesbian foster parents grappling with the return of a baby to her native community, and two men daunted by the cost of surrogacy. Produced in Canada. (50 minutes)

Length: 51 minutes

Item#: BVL53303

ISBN: 978-1-61753-946-6

Copyright date: ©2011

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Reviews & Awards

Winner, Best Documentary Feature, Women in Film Festival (Vancouver)


Winner, Royal Reel Award, Canada International Film Festival


“A moving, intimate, and heartwarming film.”  —CBC/Radio-Canada

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