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Introduction: Finding Your Purpose (02:50)


Experts say that many people are looking purpose and meaning in their lives and finding it involves being pro-active and using intuition and imagination.

Limiting Beliefs (02:58)

Experts offer insight on becoming aware of your limiting beliefs and challenging their factuality. A quote from Virgina Satir says the human being's strongest need is to keep things familiar.

Values (04:38)

Experts offer exercises to help determine your personal values; reduce your list to the five most important; and writing paragraphs about people you admire to help clarify your aspirations.

Get Feedback (02:55)

To uncover values you may not be aware of, experts suggest asking trusted family, friends and co-workers or supervisors for feedback on your strengths.

Achievements (02:48)

Experts recommend listing your accomplishments (as far back as you can remember) and using those positive images regularly to remind yourself how you felt. A book to read on this subject is "Authentic Happiness."

Empowering Questions (04:27)

Experts offer empowering questions that when answered may illuminate a pattern or common ground that will give you clues to your life's purpose.

Your Life Story? (03:36)

Experts offer empowering questions that when answered may illuminate a pattern or common ground that will give you clues to your life's purpose.

Writing Your Future (02:20)

Experts suggest speed-writing what you truly desire as though it is already a reality, in order to tap into your subconscious mind. Note any negative thoughts.

Vision Boards (02:08)

Experts offer ideas for creating a vision board and explain why it is useful. Physically creating a picture of your goals brings them closer to you.

Making a Living (04:02)

Experts explain that your passion/purpose may be a hobby or career. POOR = passing over opportunities regularly. Emulate others who are doing something you aspire to. Hear caveats of self-employment.

Affirmations (03:36)

Learn the meaning of affirmations and how using them can create a new mindset. Hear about a NASA study that shows it takes 3 to 4 weeks for mental re-training. Negative thoughts gain power through emotion.

And Finally... (01:37)

Experts offer final thoughts on be pro-active, knowing yourself and trusting yourself to find your purpose.

Credits: Finding Your Purpose (01:27)

Credits: Finding Your Purpose

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The most purposeful people in the world spend their time doing what they love. This video will help viewers discover and live a life of purpose by answering the question “What should I do with my time that will benefit both me and society?” Topics include beliefs, values, achievements, feedback, empowering questions, goal-setting, your life story, writing your future, vision boards, making your passion pay, affirmations, and more. “If you have a purpose, you will achieve it if you believe that you can.” (40 minutes)

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