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Dalian's Dancing Girls (02:08)


China's port city relies on tourism and entertainment industries. Wen Wen mentors a group of young female dancers at the Nightman; most are from poor urban families with little education.

Hope for a Brighter Future (03:16)

Wen Wen created the lead dancer phenomenon in Dalian nightclubs in 1994. She now contracts other young women; learn their dreams and social habits.

Cutting Business Corners (03:03)

A Dalian dancer wants to marry rich. Nightman manager Guan tries to attract new patrons, including advertising on a local radio station, and asks the girls to increase their productivity.

Employment Tension (02:40)

Nightman dancers’ paychecks are delayed—most support their families and have high costume expenses. The management is unsatisfied with their performance and wants to stand out from other Dalian discos.

A Struggling Nightclub (01:45)

During the summer, Dalian residents meet outdoors and business drops at the Nightman. The management cuts staff and splits the dancers into two groups—reducing their salary.

Dalian Entertainment Strike (03:11)

Nightman dancers take a stand against salary cuts by refusing to come to an event. Wen Wen is informed a private contractor will take over and urges the girls to keep their positions.

Management Betrayal (04:05)

The Nightman recruits outside dancers to teach new moves; the girls are resistant, thinking it's a ploy to get them to quit. Guan tells them to improve their attitude.

Forced to Quit in China (03:34)

The dancers are told to take the night off but decide to go anyway. They find new management and private contractors have taken over their routines; within six months, all the girls have left the Nightman.

Credits: Dancing Girls: Life in China's Fast Lane-China from Within (00:46)

Credits: Dancing Girls: Life in China's Fast Lane-China from Within

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Dancing Girls: Life in China's Fast Lane—China from Within

Part of the Series : China from Within
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Nightman is one of 187 nightclubs in Dalian, a city of 2.6 million people in northern China. Formerly the number one nightclub in the city, its success determines the fortunes of the dancers who work there. Wen Wen and Jiu Jiu are poorly-educated city girls who have been working the nightclub circuit in China since they were 16, usually in cramped, dark, smoky environments. Their battle with management over the introduction of harsher conditions and rival dancers is the theme of this program, and highlights the plight of many fighting for survival in the fast lane in modern China. A part of the series China from Within. (Portions with English subtitles, 26 minutes)

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