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Mysterious Illness in China (03:10)


After six year old Kai Jia was born in Hebei province in 1996, her mother received a post-partum blood transfusion. Her husband spent their savings trying to diagnose and treat unexplained symptoms that developed soon after.

Ostracized by AIDS in China (02:37)

Wang Wei-Jun's wife died three days after being diagnosed. Believing the disease was contracted through promiscuity; villagers began avoiding his family.

Journey to Beijing (03:18)

Villagers believed Wang Wei-Jun had had affairs and contracted AIDS. He tested HIV negative but his daughter Kai Jia tested HIV positive, infected through breastfeeding. He took her to the capital, hoping for a miracle.

Uncertain Future for an AIDS Baby (02:41)

Wang Wei-Jun takes Kai Jia for a treatment at a specialized Beijing hospital. When her case was reported in the local media, they received support from strangers—but now village children ostracize her.

AIDS Contaminated Blood Transfusions (01:44)

Wang Wei-Jun learned from a local pharmacist that the hospital conducting his wife's transfusion hadn't tested samples. China’s health deregulation following economic liberalization may cause a national HIV epidemic.

AIDS Ignorance (01:58)

HIV-positive Kai Jia is shunned by her village in rural China; children are afraid of infection.

Public Health AIDS Cover Up (01:25)

While lodging a complaint about his wife's contaminated transfusion, Wang Wei-Jun's daughter Kai Jia was kidnapped by hospital authorities who drew blood samples without his permission. The Chinese media published their story.

Seeking AIDS Justice in China (03:16)

Wang Wei-Jun sued the hospital for Kai Jia's medical costs and won despite the defendant's political connections. The filmmakers are thrown out when trying to interview the hospital director.

Honoring Deceased Family (01:18)

Joined by Kai Jia's older brother, Wang Wei-Jun cleans his wife's grave in a traditional Chinese ceremony.

Caring for an HIV Positive Child (01:50)

Prejudices restrict Kai Jia from attending school in her rural Chinese village. Wang Wei-Jun treasures time with his daughter since he doesn't know how long she'll live.

HIV Child Postscript (00:13)

Wang Wei-Jun won his court case but hasn't been paid. Kai Jia attends school but sits apart from other students. Chinese authorities have awarded her free medication to delay the onset of AIDS.

Credits: Kai Jia: AIDS in a Chinese Village-China from Within (00:44)

Credits: Kai Jia: AIDS in a Chinese Village-China from Within

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Kai Jia: AIDS in a Chinese Village—China from Within

Part of the Series : China from Within
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Kai Jia, a young girl living in a small Chinese village, was born HIV positive after her mother contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion while in the hospital. Shunned by neighbors because of her illness, she helps her father fight for justice when they learn that Kai Jia’s mother’s death could be traced back to the hospital’s tainted blood supply. In telling Kai Jia’s story, this program explores the cover-ups and corruption in a medical facility that ran a for-profit blood bank using contaminated blood—one of many that contributed to China’s 1990s AIDS epidemic. A part of the series China from Within. (Portions with English subtitles, 26 minutes)

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