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Concentration (05:03)


Concentration is an essential practice for athletes. Confidence, a level head, and an understanding of the situation can build confidence.

Visualization and Imagery (03:16)

Learn how athletes use visualization and imagery to develop in a purposeful, controlled way. Athletes describe how the two mental practices help them recreate the same sensations as real practice.

Mental Rehearsal (04:25)

Practice makes perfect. Sports scientists focus on how an athlete's physical abilities can be improved through greater awareness of their mental state. Mental rehearsal helps an athlete to learn new skills, gain confidence, experience success, control anxiety, and more. Successful athletes learn to block out fear.

Goals and Feedback (03:44)

The acronym SMARTER lays out how athletes must create empowering goals. After practice and during competition, athletes can learn from feedback from their coaches, teammates, or other competitors.

Credits: Sports Psychology: Mental Preparation (00:49)

Credits: Sports Psychology: Mental Preparation

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Sports Psychology: Mental Preparation

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It’s now an established principle that an athlete’s mental preparation will have a marked effect on his or her performance. As a result of this, many coaches, teachers, and instructors have begun utilizing the principles of sports psychology, especially at the elite level. Unfortunately, materials that actually explain what sport psychology is all about are not always easy to find. In this video, viewers learn about the ways in which sports psychology can overcome barriers to improvement and high performance. Real-world, visually engaging examples are used to introduce some of the more common mental problems faced by athletes, and to show how sports psychology can tackle these problems. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (18 minutes)

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