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Politically Correct Media Images (02:32)


Corporations spend millions of dollars on "green advertising." Clips from several commercials are shown.

Appealing Ads (02:42)

Public relations expert Herb Schmertz says corporate America is in an "emotional battle" with critics. "Green advertising" does not contribute to public policy making.

Fooling the Public (02:02)

Lois Gibbs was called "an hysterical house wife" when she organized a 1978 citizens protest against toxic waste at Love Canal. "Green advertising" appeals to emotions without increasing corporate responsibility.

Argument against Environmental Legislation (04:05)

Public relations expert Herb Schmertz argues that corporate responsibility to the environment inhibits economic growth.

"Cancer Alley" (02:33)

An 87-mile area in Louisiana has been drastically altered by chemical plants. A community organizer explains how poverty has led to the acceptance of dangerous industries.

Citizen Activists and Chemical Association (03:38)

Community leaders meet in Huntsville, Louisiana to discuss high rates of cancer and unemployment in "Cancer Alley." No official link has been made to the chemical industry. Pharmacists explain drug usage reports.

Citizens Activists Against Chemical Industry (03:06)

Citizens were not notified or evacuated when a chemical company accidentally released 10 tons of chlorine into the air. Louisiana Citizens for Tax Justice sponsored a report on industrial tax exemptions.

Standing Up to Big Industry (05:09)

President of the Louisiana Chemical Association explains financial benefits of the industry. Companies settle in poor districts where citizens do not have enough political clout to protect their communities.

Demanding Accountability (04:31)

Wallace, Louisiana is in a rural area of "Chemical Alley." Formosa Plastics has plans for a new plant but citizens are fighting back by refusing to sell their land. The company has been fined by the EPA for contaminating groundwater.

Tax Breaks and Pollution (03:35)

Former Governor of Louisiana Buddy Roemer discusses the connection between politicians and the chemical industry. Jobs have been used as an incentive to allow plants in communities.

Jobs vs. Environment (02:54)

Former Governor Roemer discusses jobs, pollution, and tax breaks. Manager of environmental affairs for Chevron William Mulligan responds.

Public Right to Information (02:13)

Citizen activist Gibbs responds to claims made by Mulligan, manager of environmental affairs for Chevron. Schmertz and Roemer disagree about who should be involved in corporate decision making.

Clean Up Instead of Prevention (02:49)

Joel Hirschorn advises corporation on how to implement clean technology and pollution prevention without compromising competitiveness. Citizens and industry are both losing under current regulations.

Clean Technology (02:42)

Hirschorn says the solution is to find a way to produce without pollution. Other countries use more efficient manufacturing technology. Pollution prevention can be profitable.

Citizens Involvement (03:00)

Schmertz explains how environmentally motivated restrictions have inhibited progress towards clean manufacturing. Gibbs says corporations do not want dialogue with citizens.

Retribution for Speaking Out (01:47)

Mulligan discusses the adversarialism of the environmental movement. Chemical plants workers have been told they should not take a public position on environmental issues.

Need for Cooperation (01:39)

Hirshchorn addresses how to make the marketplace work by providing data. Former Governor Roemer gives final thoughts on corporations, citizens, and the environment.

Credits: Politics, People, and Pollution (01:17)

Credits: Politics, People, and Pollution

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Politics, People, and Pollution

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This program with Bill Moyers explores the delicate balance between corporate productivity and environmental responsibility, looking at the growing number of corporate "green" ads and asking: what is image? what is reality? Featured in the program are industry representatives and grassroots environmentalists who examine corporate America’s willingness to protect the public’s health and safety. The program travels to a rural Louisiana area known as "Cancer Alley" where we meet citizens struggling to get the chemical industry to operate in a responsible manner. (60 minutes)

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