Segments in this Video

What Do You Think About Each Other? (01:47)


Linda and John, members of a group home, talk about each other.

Group Interaction (03:00)

Patients sit outside the group home, interacting with one another and with Chiz. A patient's daughter comments on her mother's situation.

Group Home Patients (02:17)

Mary Chisholm, Chiz of Chiz's Hearth Street in Kingston, New York, talks about her patients. Singer Emmylou Harris interacts with the patients, one of whom sings for her.

Marie: Multiple Personalities (05:03)

Marie, a group home patient, talks in disconnected thoughts. Administrator Chiz suggests that Marie might have "multiple personalities." Viewers learn more about Marie's unfortunate background.

Dealing with Death (03:10)

A patient learns that her mother has died. Chiz lets her talk out her feelings. While Kelly deals with her feelings about her mother, other patients come in and display different behaviors that change the emotional mix.

Group Home: Healing Experiences (02:25)

Chiz talks about what she has seen happen at group home she runs. For many of the patients, the group home opportunity gives them opportunities to be seen and heard and valued maybe for the first times in their lives.

Credits: Touched: Chiz’s Heart Street, a Group Home for the Mentally Ill (00:02)

Credits: Touched: Chiz’s Heart Street, a Group Home for the Mentally Ill

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Touched: Chiz's Heart Street, a Group Home for the Mentally Ill

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After centuries of ignoring, abusing, and warehousing the mentally disabled, our society still struggles to create effective care environments for them. An alternative to institutional treatment can be found in group homes where patients get personal attention, support, and supervision. One such haven is Chiz’s Heart Street in Kingston, New York. This film goes inside the home to document the challenges its occupants face—as well as those taken on by administrator (and chief cook and bottle washer) Mary “Chiz” Chisholm. Viewers meet Beth, a middle-aged woman with bipolar disorder who spews out accusations of rape and conspiracy; Marie, who spent years in a trailer home with her brother as her only companion; and Ozzy, an aspiring singer who—after a surprise visit from Emmylou Harris!—performs a rambling but heartfelt audition. Other residents also appear, and their problems add up to more than the average person could handle. But there’s nothing average about Chisholm’s passion for her work and her compassion for those in her care. Contains mature subject matter. (19 minutes)

Length: 20 minutes

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