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Paper Fashion Takes the World by Surprise (03:03)


Polly Verity fuses nature with fantasy for her line of paper dresses. Naoko Yoshizawa can use paper and metal in the same piece of jewelry. Giles Miller creates handbags and laptop cases out of paper; he finds cardboard fascinating.

A Paper Maestro (02:11)

Polly Verity reveals the paper dress she wore to her sister's wedding. She discusses her family history of paper fascination. Verity creates a paper head piece.

Paper Has Unlimited Potential (02:25)

Naoko Yoshizawa discusses her progression from making jewelry to creating paper jewelry. Yoshizawa uses paper to her advantage in the UK; she is very familiar with the characteristics of paper. Giles Miller's handbag development is a result of accidentally dropping his laptop.

Paper Inspirations (04:12)

Giles Miller enjoys spending time in the pub drinking and thinking. Naoko Yoshizawa admires Nel Linssen. Yoshizawa states that earrings are her most popular item and men are a large part of her clientele.

Unique Designs (03:09)

Naoko Yoshizawa reveals the images in her sketchbook and shows us how she creates one of her necklaces. Polly Verity models one of her paper dresses. We see Verity create a panel and a bodice for a dress; she uses the pineapple fold.

Behind the Scenes (03:35)

Giles Miller shows us how he makes a cardboard case. It takes two hours to create a hand bag. Miller likes to receive feedback on his handbags.

Future Trend for Paper Creations (01:51)

Giles Miller believes he is part of the movement for environmentally sustainable design. Polly Verity sometimes uses a mockup before creating a wearable dress. Naoko Yoshizawa reveals a brooch that looks like a mandala.

Paper is Sustainable, Infinite, and Form (01:43)

Polly Verity discusses attending the Origami USA convention. Giles Miller receives his cardboard from one company. He wants to promote paper as a sustainable design. Naoko Yoshizawa states that paper has infinite possibilities. Verity uses geometrical form in her paper design.

Credits: Scissors, Paper, Fashion: All Things Paper (00:22)

Credits: Scissors, Paper, Fashion: All Things Paper

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Scissors, Paper, Fashion: All Things Paper

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From a material as fragile and ephemeral as paper, a new league of jewelry, bags, and even dresses have emerged and taken the fashion world by surprise. This program takes a look at fashion designs made from paper. While paper fashion in the form of clothing and jewelry has made its presence felt since the 1960s, it has never caught on with the public at large. But all that may be changing, thanks to Polly Verity, Naoko Yoshizawa, and Giles Miller, who are turning paper into a choice material for prêt-à-porter. Revamp your wardrobe with their amazing paper fashion wear and accessories. Part of the series All Things Paper. (23 minutes)

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