Segments in this Video

Trouble for Manga? (03:19)


Manga and Sori kiss in the front seat of the car. The intimacy becomes too much for Sori and he tells Manga that he will take him home. Manga's mother, Fanta, questions Manga about his evening.

All Our Hope is In You (03:57)

Manga asks his mother if it is wrong to be attracted to a boy. She tells him that boys do not do that; Manga has to have children. Sori's father, Bakari Kaba, declares that Manga has no ambition and Sori must stop seeing him. Kaba wants Sori to work at his company.

Relationship Stress (04:56)

The girls Manga's class wonder why he spend so much time with Sori. After school, students tease Sori about sex. Sori stops to talk to Omar, and Manga becomes jealous. Later that night, Sori demands Manga's love and obedience. Sori wants Manga to come to his village.

Sori Reveals His Homosexuality (05:41)

Sori tells his father that he loves Manga and that he wants to go to farming school. Bakari Kaba becomes upset that Sori wants to live with Manga and not take over his company. He reflects on the shame of his son openly living gay and tells Sori he is sending him away to school.

Repercussions (04:20)

Manga tells Sori him that he misses him; Sori walks away. In the schoolyard, Sori collapses; the doctor tells him he is over worked. That night, Manga vomits on the table and collapses. His mother, Fanta, knows he is upset about Sori. Manga and Fanta argue about sex.

Undeniable Attraction (05:30)

Fanta tells Sekou that Manga is crazy and they consider their options; Manga overhears the conversation. That night, Manga sees Sori and Omar at a restaurant. The two go outside and kiss but end up arguing.

Seeking a Solution (03:22)

Manga spends time with a healer. The healer tells Sekou that the spirits have decided that Fanta must get the sacred element.

Healing Manga (05:38)

Fanta and Sekou meet with Sori; Manga enters the room. Fanta cleanses herself and then digs up a shroud before rolling in dirt. Sekou takes the shroud to the healer who uses it in a ritual with Manga.

A Mother's Sacrifice (05:01)

Sekou tells Fanta that Manga has not yet been healed. Fanta declares that she is proud to have tried to help her son and then collapses; the healer continues to work with Manga. A year later, Sekou tells the healer that Fanta is in a wheelchair for life and brings a letter for Manga.

Fanta's Salvation (05:11)

Manga leaves the healer's village and travels back to the city. Fanta sits by a grave with a young woman, Oumou.

A New Beginning for Manga (05:23)

Fanta awakes to find Manga sitting by her bedside. Manga meets Oumou on a bus. That evening, Oumou asks Manga to walk her home. They talk about their mothers and Manga's father.

Getting to Know One Another (02:17)

Oumou works at her stall in the market. Manga is mending a fishing net when Oumou arrives. The two spend time together on a boat.

Manga Tries to Love a Woman (04:15)

Fanta and Oumou's mothers are happy that Manga and Oumou spend time together. Oumou's mother asks Manga if he wants to marry her daughter. Fanta asks Oumou how she feels about Manga. Manga and Oumou talk to their respective mothers about their future.

Barriers in Manga's Life (03:58)

Oumou and Manga argue about selling fish to Bakari. Manga admits that he loves Sori but wants to remain clean. Manga tries to meet with Bakari, but Bakari sends him away. Sori sees him crossing the lot and tries to go to him; Bakari turns him around.

Manga's Responsibilities (03:35)

Fanta, Oumou, and Oumou's mother wait for Manga on the shore. That evening Oumou and Manga sit together on the beach. They discuss fishing and what Manga thinks about while in the boat.

Manga Breaks a Promise (09:53)

Oumou, Manga, and their mothers spend time at the beach. That night, Oumou and Manga meet at a bar and later unsuccessfully attempt to have sex. Manga's s thought of Sori intrude. Oumou asks Manga not to forget her when he leaves. (Nudity)

Manga's New Path (03:12)

Manga sits outside in the dark. The next morning, he tells his mother that he is not made for women; she disowns him. Later, Fanta relents and buys a bracelet for Manga to give to Sori.

Sori's True Love (06:37)

Sori is feeding his baby when he sees Manga. He takes Manga into his house to meet his family. Manga plays with the baby and Sori disappears; there is uncomfortable silence. Sori returns with a packed suitcase and he and Manga get in the car and drive away; Sori's wife cries.

Credits: Dakan (02:09)

Credits: Dakan

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The first feature film on homosexuality from sub-Saharan Africa, Dakan (it means “destiny”) was met with angry protests and heated debate when it was shot in the director’s native Guinea. The film is a contemporary African reinterpretation of the age-old conflict between love and social convention, the story of two men who by coming out become invisible to their society. The men try to deny their sexual orientation to please their families, but eventually accept it, and each other, as their destiny. Contains nudity and mature themes. French and Mandikan with English subtitles. (87 minutes)

Length: 90 minutes

Item#: BVL49753

Copyright date: ©1997

Reviews & Awards

“Coming out and seeking acceptance is nothing new; but in this small but heartfelt film it is given fresh life...A trailblazer in the African context.”  —Variety

“One of the most original films showcased at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival.”  —Le Monde

“This fascinating film. . . . deals with homosexual love in contemporary Guinea. It allows us to see the dangers in supposing there can be a universal gay narrative and it is also a charming narrative.”    —K. Anthony Appiah, Harvard University    

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