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How to Eat Well on a Busy Schedule (00:24)

People with busy schedules need the energy that comes from good nutrition but often can't find the time to eat balanced meals.

Tip: Plan Meals Ahead of Time (01:33)


Experts suggest planning meals ahead of time, like preparing breakfast the night before. Skipping breakfast negatively affects functionality for the rest of the day. Packing meals prevents people from being at the mercy of fast food and other unhealthy op

"My Plate": A Guide for Balanced Meals (01:16)

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends making half of your "plate" fruits and vegetables, drinking skim or nonfat milk, eating whole grains, and avoiding foods high in sodium. Experts recommend choosing low-calorie and nutritious snacks from vending machines.

Tip: Don't Skip Breakfast (02:33)

Studies show that people who skip breakfast pick up less healthy foods on impulse later in the day and crave foods that aren't nutritious. Experts recommend certain ways of preparing eggs and offer advice when choosing cereal bars.

Fast Food Breakfast Options (01:05)

Fast food breakfast options tend to be high in fat and sodium. Experts differentiate between the better and worse options.

Value of Nutrition Labels (02:19)

Experts acknowledge that it takes discipline to learn how to read nutrition labels but insist that it's a valuable skill when deciding what to eat and what to avoid.

How to Read Nutrition Facts Labels (02:30)

Important items on a nutrition label include: serving size, calories, nutrients, and Percent Daily Values. Experts offer advice on which facts to consider quickly when reading time is limited.

Pop Quiz: Nutrition Facts Label (01:19)

A pop quiz asks viewers to compare snacks and determine which is more nutritious based on quick examination of their labels.

Tip: Snack Smart (02:42)

A busy person's secret weapon to satisfy his or her hunger is a smart snack. Experts recommend eating low-calorie, high-protein snacks any time there is a 4-hour stretch between meals.

Natural Snacks & Water (01:08)

People who spend time on the road can keep a cooler full of fruits and vegetables. Experts recommend drinking water to reap multiple health benefits.

Tips for Ordering Wisely at Fast Food Restaurants (02:11)

Though fast food restaurants are convenient and inexpensive, many of their products make for long-term health costs. Experts point out the healthier options available at these restaurants.

Smart Phone Guides & Recap of Tips for Healthy Eating on the Go (01:47)

Smart phones can quickly connect people to information on health and fitness. A summary of healthy eating tips provides a quick guide for people with busy schedules.

Credits: 5 Tips for Healthy Eating on the Go (00:52)

Credits: 5 Tips for Healthy Eating on the Go

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School, sports, work, social obligations—you have a lot to do. In order to get it all done you need energy, but preparing optimal meals is time-consuming. So where do you get the energy to keep up with your busy schedule—without resorting to fast/junk food? This program answers that question with five practical tips for healthy eating in a fast-paced lifestyle: plan ahead, don’t skip breakfast, learn to read food labels quickly, snack smart, and eat out wisely. Expert commentary is provided by a registered dietitian, a healthy living coordinator, and a health officer—and pop quizzes reinforce the learning. A Meridian/MotionMasters Coproduction. (23 minutes)

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