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Islamic Perception (02:18)


Individuals give brief opinions on what is Islam. Diane Sawyer and Bill Meer reveal the numbers of Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the United States. For perspective, 20% of the Earth's population is Muslim and 33% is Christian.

Islam Viewed Across the Divide (03:39)

Nearly three quarters of Americans say they do not know anyone who is Muslim. Diane Sawyer provides a brief account of the history of Muhammad and the stories in the Qur'an. Sawyer also discusses Jesus as the messiah.

Five Pillars of Islam (02:17)

In the Qur'an, Jesus is a divine prophet. Diane Sawyer defines the five things that makes one a Muslim. Muhammad's religion branches into many faces and branches. After Muhammad's death history sees an interfaith era.

Muslim Population (02:21)

Muslims arrive in America during the times of Columbus. More than two million Muslims live coast-to-coast. America has more than 1,900 mosques. Diane Sawyers questions violence inside Muslim texts.

Is Islam Inherently Violent? (03:33)

Scholars of the Qur'an insist Islam is a religion of peace. Viewers question the contradictions in the Qur'an and discuss the context in which the scriptures are used. The notion of 72 virgins comes from a mistranslation.

Dangerous Ideas in Modern Muslim Books (02:57)

Modern books distort the Islamic scriptures. A former follower of Muslim extremism discusses the influence of more modern texts. Radicals use the murder and martyr myths to great effect. Viewers question mainstream Muslim's view on suicide.

Religious and Political Manipulation of Islam (02:47)

Dictators combine resentment with a perverted version of Islam to manipulate people with a holy hatred of America. Viewers question the significance of the fatwa and al taquia. Terrorism is religion and politics.

Muslim Oppression of Women (03:04)

Diane Sawyer questions what is propriety and what is oppression. A woman discusses why she chooses to cover herself from head to toe. A Muslim cleric explains how a husband should beat his wife.

Sharia Law (02:22)

Islam did not come under close scrutiny during the age of enlightenment. The countries with the worst gender inequality are predominantly Muslim. America has had recent incidents of honor killings.

Clash of Cultures (02:39)

French law prohibits women from covering their faces. Women are earning rights in some Islamic countries. An Islamic reformer believes that the Qur'an can be interpreted along more feminine lines.

Voice of the Mainstream Muslim (02:12)

Iraq is the only Arab country that did not denounce the 9/11 attacks. American Muslims issue statements condemning violence. Viewers believe these voices have gone silent and question why. Moderates express their feelings on extremists.

Who are Muslims Really? (02:15)

Moderate Muslims discuss what it is like being surrounded by suspicion; fear and suspicions are dangerous. A paramedic on scene at the 9/11 attacks recalls reactions to his name. The American military has 7,000 Muslims.

Where are the Moderate Voices? (01:54)

Diane Sawyer questions why moderate voices have not risen together to voice objection against extremism. Experts suggest a million Muslim march on Washington. The Imam of the Islamic center near Ground Zero makes a passionate promise.

Sports Transcends Religion (01:22)

In Dearborn, Michigan, 2/3 of the high school football team are devout Muslims. Players bond, leaving religious differences behind. At aways games they are often treated with discrimination.

Adversity Strengthens Community (03:47)

In Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, experiences controversy arose when a local doctor planned to open a Mosque. When a Muslim child drowned, the community united to support the family.

Conclusion: Islam—Questions and Answers (01:36)

The news panelists discuss the growth of their knowledge in relation to the Islam in the 9 years since of 9/11

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From remote Somali villages to mosques in Dearborn, Michigan, more than 1.5 billion people are unified by a call to prayer five times a day. But Islam still faces mistrust and misunderstanding across America. In this ABC News program, Diane Sawyer seeks answers to a variety of questions that many non-Muslim Americans have about the religion. What do followers of Islam actually believe? Does adhering to strict Islamic tradition deprive women of important rights? Are Islam and Western culture fundamentally at odds? Sawyer and other reporters speak with Muslims from all walks of life in an exploration of the history and tenets of the world’s fastest-growing faith. (41 minutes)

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