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1 day after people (04:24)


The nuclear war heads on a sunken submarine are a ticking time bomb in the Pacific Ocean. A control unit for the cathodic corrosion protection system draws corrosion away from the steal on the USS Missouri.

2 days after people (02:40)

Dairy cows are dependent upon humans for milking; the vast majority of them will stop lactating. Calves and their mothers will be unable to feed themselves.

3 days after people (01:56)

Aircraft at the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration center in Arizona are covered in Spraylat, protecting them from temperatures and the sun.

4 days after people (01:12)

The hands of the clock on the Aloha Tower have stopped. Sea water begins to eat away at the USS Missouri's hull.

6 months after people (01:09)

The birds of Hawaii flock to the USS Missouri lodging undigested seeds in its deck. The metal casing protecting the nuclear warhead in the Pacific Ocean is on its way to failure.

15 years after people (00:53)

The USS Missouri breaks away from its mooring.

20 years after people (02:42)

Aircraft at the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration center are showing signs of distress. Spraylat no longer serves its purpose, rust takes hold, birds nest in the engines, and erosion and wind swallows the aircraft.

25 years after people (01:23)

Russian nuclear missiles sit on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Water leaks into a bomb causing an explosion; plutonium is scattered over a small area.

30 years after people (02:40)

Most of the dairy cows have died out; those remaining have begun an evolution suiting them to life on the plains. In Denver, the Wells Fargo Center houses urban avalanches.

45 years after people (05:49)

North Brother Island reveals the future of structures. The island serves many functions that contribute to its current state. Riverside Hospital and the dock show severe deterioration. Invasive vines take over the island.

45 years after people: North Brother Island's Buildings (04:44)

Drug addicts leave behind bizarre artwork in the buildings. A building of isolation and solitude becomes part of nature.

50 years after people (00:45)

The jungle overtakes the roads of Honolulu.

65 years after people (03:45)

Pointe du Hoc emplacement is pummeled during the D-day invasion in 1944. The concrete is deteriorating because of the corrosion of steel reinforcement bars. Un-reinforced concrete can survive longer.

70 years after people (03:00)

The USS Missouri is covered in a blanket of green. Corrosion occurs faster above the water line than below. Currently the USS Arizona is protected by encrustation and sediment but nine quarts of oil leak out of the ship every day.

200 years after people (02:58)

The Wells Fargo Center becomes an avalanche of steel. Engineers study how skyscrapers can collapse. Descendants of domestic cattle and buffalo have created a new life in the plains.

250 years after people (02:28)

Water penetrates the USS Missouri and it sinks into the mud of the harbor bottom; the deck remains 10 feet above water. Engineers suggest that the ship could hold together for 20,000 years before becoming a reef.

Credits: Armed and Defenseless: Life after People (00:33)

Credits: Armed and Defenseless: Life after People

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Armed and Defenseless: Life after People

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This program theorizes about what would happen if people disappeared from Earth. We explore what may happen to the weapons of war, including nuclear submarines and the USS Missouri. Some dairy cows maybe survive and adapt to life on the American plains, while bison will thrive in the same habitat. We also explore the fate of Brother Island near Manhattan, which was abandoned by people 45 years ago. Part of the series Life After People. Distributed by A&E Television Networks. (45 minutes)

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