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Care Facilities for the Elderly (04:10)


Joan Erickson, widow of Erik Erikson, describes the process of finding an appropriate care facility for him, one that would cater to his special needs in a location that was appropriate.

Death of Erik Erikson (04:02)

Joan Erikson recalls the event of her husband's death. After he died, his body was whisked away before the family could say goodbye. Humans, she notes, have no practice or process of saying goodbye to the dead.

Caring for Old People: Physical Environments (04:15)

Today's cities are not meant for old people. There are no safe places for older people to walk, and the accelerated activities are not compatible for an aging population. Many old people cannot afford to escape the cities as they age.

Caring for Old People: Elder Caregivers (03:28)

Old people literally put themselves into the hands of elder caregivers. Figuratively and literally, the hands provide care, communication, love, safety, and so much more. Words are often inadequate.

Caregiver Tact (04:15)

It is important for caregivers to be tactful in all their contacts with the elderly. Entering the room of an elderly person is like entering a private home. Caregivers must be mindful of how the elderly perceive their situations.

The Life Cycle Tapestry: The Ninth State (04:54)

Joan Erikson, age 92, talks about the ninth state of living. Concepts discussed are despair vs. integrity, mistrust vs. trust, shame & doubt vs. autonomy, and guilt vs. initiative.

Concepts of the Ninth State (04:59)

In the ninth state, the elderly must deal with the paradoxes in their lives. Joan Erickson discusses these concepts: inferiority vs. industry, role confusion vs. identity, isolation vs. intimacy, stagnation vs. generativity, and despair vs. integrity.

Credits: On Old Age II: A Conversation with Joan Erikson at 92 (00:30)

Credits: On Old Age II: A Conversation with Joan Erikson at 92

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On Old Age II: A Conversation with Joan Erikson at 92

Part of the Series : Gerontology: Intellectual and Emotional Development in Late Adulthood
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In this program, Joan M. Erikson describes her search for a better living situation for her frail husband, Erik H. Erikson, and then presents a poignant recounting of his subsequent death. She uses these experiences to suggest strategies to meet the physical and emotional needs of the fragile elderly and to support those who work with them. With a personal understanding of the challenges of old age, Mrs. Erikson revisits the eighth stage of the life cycle and proposes a new ninth stage for the changes that face the extremely elderly. The program concludes with Mrs. Erikson describing the difficulties of living into one’s 90s without losing what she calls one’s indomitable core. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. A part of the series Gerontology. (30 minutes)

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