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The Brain, a Miraculous Mass of Protoplasm (01:06)


Marian Diamond reflects on the potential of the brain and the benefit of learning how to enrich it.

What is Age? (01:57)

Marian Diamond believes development and aging are a continuum through a lifetime; defining age depends on the part of the body.

Diamond's Education (02:16)

Dr. Marian Diamond is one of the nation's most distinguished teachers. Her interest in the brain began as a teenager. She received her doctorate in anatomy in 1953, an unusual achievement for a woman at that time.

An Ideal Science: Physical Brain Changes (07:16)

Marian Diamond helps design experiments with rats to study their brains. She notes the difference in brain anatomy between rats at different ages in varying environments. Age does not mean the loss of nerve cells.

"Use it or Lose It" (02:46)

Marian Diamond's research demonstrates the brain's ability to grow. Newness and challenge are important for reticular formation.

What Changes in the Brain With Environmental Enrichment? (04:26)

Marian Diamond explains that the cerebral cortex retains plasticity. Cortical thickness involves nerve and glial cells and blood supply. Dendrites receive information, compute it in the body, and the axon sends it off.

Brain and Body Development Correlation (02:32)

Marian Diamond explains that part of the hippocampus is subject to oxygen lack. Exercise is important to maintain oxygen levels in the brain. B vitamins and Choline are essential for healthy brains.

Games Enhance the Immune System (02:20)

Marian Diamond loses her siblings and a niece to Lupus. She finds a correlation between the cerebral cortex and the immune system by experimenting with the game of Bridge.

Alzheimer's and the Brain (03:23)

Marian Diamond explains Alzheimer's and its physiology. An APOE 4 gene component means one will develop Alzheimer's. Acetylcholinesterase can block the synapse from firing. Higher education delays Alzheimer's onset.

Enrichment Causes Growth in the Brain (02:15)

Recent studies show that new neuron cells are developed in the association cortex. At every age, we can enrich the brain.

Involvement Means Enrichment (03:22)

Marian Diamond’s research indicates that active engagement in enrichment activities will encourage healthy brain growth. Diamond defines wisdom as making new connections with old information--making use of the information.

Credits: Older Brains, New Connections: A Conversation with Marian Diamond at 73 (01:12)

Credits: Older Brains, New Connections: A Conversation with Marian Diamond at 73

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Older Brains, New Connections: A Conversation with Marian Diamond at 73

Part of the Series : Gerontology: Intellectual and Emotional Development in Late Adulthood
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Marian Diamond’s research indicates that given the right conditions, the brain continues to grow all during life and not just in the early years. In this program, Dr. Diamond presents a summary of her research and its practical implications in her cordial, accessible manner. Topics include research into the genetic components of Alzheimer’s disease, the exciting discoveries that the brain can generate new neurons, her research into the brain’s role in autoimmune disorders, and data from longitudinal studies of aging nuns. In addition, she provides suggestions for applying this knowledge and shares her own fitness plan to keep her body—including her brain—healthy. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. A part of the series Gerontology. (30 minutes)

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