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Production Mechanic, Water Treatment (03:20)


A production mechanic landed his well-paid position after two years of instruction; learn more about the specific tasks of this job and educational requirements.

Job Outlook: Production Mechanic, Treatment (04:11)

With continuing education, employees can move up. Learn the important skills, such as attention to detail and the ability to work independently, required for this job. Salary, benefits, and schedule information is provided.

Biomedical Research Technician (06:35)

Attention to detail is critical to this field. Two-year colleges offer training programs. Viewers learn about the specific career, its educational and personal requirements, and its benefits, advancement opportunities, and outlook.

Quality Control Lab Administrator (04:58)

Jim makes food flavors in a quality control lab. Personality traits for this career include people skills and attention to detail. He explains the benefits of his career. The outlook for this career is very positive. Other careers in this field are presen

Credits: Applied Science and Technology: STEM Careers in Two Years (01:21)

Credits: Applied Science and Technology: STEM Careers in Two Years

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Applied Science and Technology: STEM Careers in Two Years

Part of the Series : STEM Careers in Two Years
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Jim runs the quality control lab at David Michael & Company, a food flavoring manufacturer. Aliah is a biomedical research technician at The Wistar Institute, a cancer research center in Philadelphia. And Tony, a production mechanic at New Jersey American Water, is the third featured case study in this exploration of applied science and technology jobs. What do all three have in common? They landed their well-paid, technically challenging positions after only two years of instruction: Jim, through an associate's degree study track; Aliah, a biomedical research technician training program; and Tony, a water treatment licensing course following nine years in the Navy. Viewers also meet Kevin Lampe, assistant professor of biotechnology and program coordinator at Montgomery County Community College in Pennsylvania. Lampe extols the hands-on laboratory skills training that enabled each worker to move straight from his or her schooling into the labor force. A Cambridge Educational Production. A part of the series STEM Careers in Two Years. (20 minutes)

Length: 22 minutes

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 “This helpful series offers an inside view of...a variety of careers that can be pursued by following a vocational STEM career track....The information is straightforward and easy to understand, and teens will relate to the individuals interviewed who have only been working for a few years....Recommended.”  School Library Journal

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