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What Are Skills? (04:59)


It is important to know the difference between skill and ability because each requires different cognitive, perceptual, and psycho-motor skills. Open and closed skills are determined by the presence or absence of external factors.

How We Progress to a Skilled Performer (04:51)

The differences between a skilled and unskilled performer are most apparent in kinesthetic approach, anticipation and timing, mental approach, and consistency. There are a number of stages in skill acquisition.

How We Learn Skills (04:35)

People learn through a cyclical process of perceiving, deciding, acting, and feedback. Methods to learn and develop skills include massed, distributed, whole, and part. Further "ingredients" take one to the autonomous level of performance.

What Factors Influence Performance? (02:54)

Factors that influence performance include characteristics of the learner, personality, genetic make-up, confidence, prior experiences, and innate ability.

How Do We Evaluate Performance? (05:01)

The types of feedback used to evaluate performance are internal, external, concurrent, or delayed. A performance is judged on techniques, outcomes, and personal expectations, and more.

Credits: Skill Acquisition for Sports Performance (00:30)

Credits: Skill Acquisition for Sports Performance

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The ultimate goal of any aspiring athlete is to execute skills with form and efficiency. This program helps cultivate an awareness of how skills are developed and conditioned at an elite level. Drawing a distinction between skills and abilities, the video explores types of skills, the three stages of skill acquisition, and the importance of accepting that all athletes have different learning curves. Viewers also discover internal and external factors that affect performance and learn useful techniques to evaluate progress. Real-world examples and expert advice from a head coach and a sports psychologist help turn theoretical concepts into concrete know-how. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (23 minutes)

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