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Re-Fashioning (03:28)


Throw-away fashions are to blame for the rise in textile waste. Junky Styling is an innovative design-led label. All garments are made from the highest quality second hand clothing, which is deconstructed, re-cut and completely transformed.

Design Process (04:03)

Conventional clothing design begins with an idea. Junky's design process begins as they collect garments to recycle. A garment may suggest a design, or several garments together begin to shape a design.

Re-Using and Re-Purposing (04:07)

A new breed of textile designers finds new ways to use waste products. Viewers visit the shoe design studio of a designer who makes shoes from tires, seatbelts, and other waste products.

Sustainable Design (05:06)

Virgin Airlines asks a shoe designer to make products from their used seat covers. He designs shoulder bags that include the seat covers, inner tubes, leather and fabric scraps, and seat belts.

Re-Processing and Re-Thinking (02:59)

Giant blades shred organic sacks. The shreds are ripped apart and packed into bales. Sack fibers and carpet fibers are cleaned and sent to storage hoppers.

Air Laying (02:24)

Recycled cotton is highly absorbent because air laying creates lots air pockets. The air-laid fibers are rolled to compress them and passed through a bath that contains a latex solution. The factory uses fewer resources by recycling heat.

Needle Punching (03:24)

Needle punched non-woven recycled textiles are used in the construction industry. This process keeps bonding agents to a minimum. Quality control ensures the final products meet construction standards.

Credits: Sustainable and Recycled Textiles (00:15)

Credits: Sustainable and Recycled Textiles

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Sustainable and Recycled Textiles

Part of the Series : Get Into Textiles: Design, Manufacture, and Use in the 21st Century (8 Parts)
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Cut-price garments not meant to last for more than a year or two make up nearly half the clothing market, resulting in a rising tide of textile waste. This program profiles clothing designers who are turning consumer demand for green products into fashion trends. The Junky Styling team searches thrift shops for vintage fabric which it then uses to create outfits for their high-profile clientele, while Worn Again founder Mike Corbett shows viewers how he makes and markets shoes from materials like old seat belts. The video also goes to a factory where textile technologists process old jute sacks for reuse as sustainable fabrics. Part of the series Get Into Textiles. (27 minutes)

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