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Birth - Hindu Naming Tradition (04:05)


New parents consult an astrologer before naming their daughter. The first initial of the name is chosen based on date and time of birth. They consult a variety of sources, including family and friends before deciding on a name. The family holds an official naming ceremony or "Namkaran."

Marriage - Jewish Tradition (04:48)

Usually held in a synagogue, the Jewish wedding ceremony takes place beneath a "Chuppah," which represents the couple's home. They drink wine from the same cup and the bride walks around the groom 3 times. The ring is the most important part of the ceremony. The groom breaks a glass with his foot to acknowledge hard times within the Jewish community.

Death - Christian Tradition (04:52)

The funeral honors the person who has died by remembering that their life has been filled with different things. Black is worn to acknowledge that something of value is gone. Emotions are mixed at times including joy at memories shared and tears of loss. Christians rely on God to support them as they go forward without their loved one.

Credits: Birth, Marriage, and Death (00:26)

Credits: Birth, Marriage, and Death

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Birth, Marriage, and Death

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From birth to death, in every country on the globe, for tens of thousands of years, the rhythm of human life has been accentuated by the practice of religious ritual. In this program, adherents of three different faiths share their understanding of some common rites of passage: a rabbi explains the elements of a Jewish wedding, including some that date back to the book of Genesis; a minister discusses the role of Christian faith in making funerals more bearable; and a Hindu couple demonstrate the use of both astrology and the Internet to choose the right name for their daughter. Featuring footage of the ceremonies, the video provides an intimate look at the affirmation of spiritual beliefs. (14 minutes)

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