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Threats to Earth (01:30)


Potential threats to the survival of Earth include gamma ray bursts and space debris such as asteroids and meteors. Earth's protection includes its magnetic field and ozone layer.

Earth Destroyer: Smackdown from Space (05:53)

A Mt. Everest-size asteroid drives dinosaurs into extinction 65 million years ago. A Mars-size impactor destroys life on Earth, yet Earth remains intact. When Venus collides with Earth, a planet amalgam of both planets emerges.

Earth Destroyer: The Big Freeze (02:57)

Earth's elliptical orbit changes slightly to move farther from the sun. Eventually the planetary surface cools enough to kill all life. Undersea volcanoes keep water warm enough to sustain some life, including remnants of humanity.

Earth Destroyer: The Big Burn (03:06)

A runaway sun alters Earth's orbit. As it moves closer to the sun, Earth's water vaporizes. The carbon dioxide atmosphere allows the surface to heat up to 900 degrees. All complex life is dead. Earth ultimately plunges into the sun.

Earth Destroyer: Stopping Earth's Rotation (02:47)

Earth's rotation stops, but the atmosphere continues around it. Winds up to 1000 mph create heat that melts everything. Earth is a dead world orbiting the sun.

Earth Destroyer: Black Holes (03:55)

Two black holes come near Earth, wrenching apart the semi-solid lithosphere plates that comprise the fractured surface of the earth. Stretched in opposite directions, Earth is ripped apart and disappears.

Earth Destroyers: Devoured from Within (04:53)

A pea-sized black hole in Earth's core gradually sucks matter in. Earthquakes and shifts in Earth's crust create new volcanoes. After months of destructive force, the black hole consumes Earth in less than an hour.

Earth Destroyer: End of Gravity (05:34)

A universe without gravity causes the Earth, planets, and sun to break apart. It is possible that gravity could split apart into two different aspects, neither of which would hold Earth together. Earth becomes no more than cosmic dust.

Earth Destroyer: Anti-Matter Annihilation (03:44)

Matter and anti-matter destroy each other in a "blaze of glory." This is Einstein's E=mc2 in action. Magnetic energy builds up in the nuclear furnace of the sun where it is released in an immense solar flare containing anti-matter.

Earth Destroyer: Transformation by Strange Matter (04:40)

In the world of quarks, "strange quarks" form a single, undifferentiated mass that could transform the physical nature of whatever it touches. Strange quarks change the state of matter on Earth.

Earth Destroyer: Parallel Worlds Collide (04:00)

The universe is like a membrane that exists in two parallel dimensions, but they do not touch. The collision of parallel universes is the end of everything. Is it possible it is also the beginning of everything else?

Credits: 10 Ways to Destroy the Earth (00:30)

Credits: 10 Ways to Destroy the Earth

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In this program, scientific experts dream up ways to destroy Planet Earth, including swallowing it with a black hole, blowing it up with antimatter, hurling it into the Sun, and switching off gravity. Distributed by A&E Television Networks. A part of the series The Universe. (45 minutes)

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