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Cosmic Brewery: Alcohol in Space (04:44)


The universe is filled with objects and many strange phenomena that science does not understand. For example, in deep space there is a cloud filled with ethyl alcohol. Giant molecular clouds are enormous complexes of gas and dust capable of producing a cosmic cocktail.

Clouds of Venus (03:51)

Other types of life might exist in certain types of "weird" clouds. The clouds of Venus have roughly the same temperature as Earth's surface. The liquid in the clouds is sulfuric acid, which on Earth is viable for organisms called extremophiles.

Evidence of Unknown Planet (02:40)

Planet X is a hypothetical planet that may exist beyond Neptune. The Kuiper Belt is a repository for icy rocks outside the orbit of Neptune. Scientists theorize that a planet as yet unknown and unseen may cause the drop-off of density of these rocks at the Kuiper Cliff.

Pulsar Planets (04:25)

Sophisticated telescopes have identified over 300 planets, or exoplanets, outside Earth's solar system. Three such planets orbit a pulsar. Scientists speculate where these planets came from or how they were formed after the supernova blast.

Pulsars and Magnetars (05:00)

Neutron star material is very dense, as dense as an atomic nucleus. The two types of these stars are pulsars and magnetars. Magnetars release gigantic bursts of energy that are turned into x-rays and gamma rays.

Neutrinos: Ghost Particles (03:04)

Each second of every day, trillions of neutrinos pour through each human being's system. These ghost particles are non-interactive with any environment. The sun and all stars emit neutrinos. Nuclear reactors also produce neutrinos.

Asteroids (02:24)

Asteroids are rocky leftovers from the formation of the solar system. They orbit primarily within the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. Toutatis is in an eccentric asteroid that passes within Earth's orbit, putting it in the danger zone for the Earth.

Miranda, the Frankenstein Moon (03:57)

A moon is a celestial body that orbits a planet or a smaller object such as a dwarf planet or asteroid. The strangest of these moons, Miranda, orbits Uranus. The moon's surface is haphazard and deformed, full of faults, canyons, and cracks.

Ultra-Luminous Infrared Galaxies (03:51)

At least 100 billion galaxies exist in the universe. Among the most bizarre are the ultra-luminous, infrared galaxies (ULIRGs). Super-massive black holes have been detected at the center of these ULIRGs.

Miniature Black Holes (02:59)

Miniature black holes are hypothetical objects, smaller than atomic nuclei. They might be primordial leftovers from the Big Bang. At the Hadron Collider in Switzerland, scientists believe they can create mini-black holes that will last only a nanosecond.

Dark Matter in the Universe (02:35)

Dark matter is invisible, but scientists believe it exists because all the gravitational pull acting in the universe cannot be accounted for on what can be observed and detected. Gravitational lensing is a galactic distortion caused by gravity.

Dark Energy in the Universe (03:08)

Dark energy is a theoretical form of energy that exists everywhere and accounts for 70% of all mass and energy in the universe. Dark energy may be responsible for the expansion of the universe.

Credits: Strangest Things (00:29)

Credits: Strangest Things

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