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Death of the Universe: The Big Crunch (05:26)


Ever since its birth, the universe has been expanding. Twenty billion years after its birth, the universe begins its collapse in on itself and ultimately goes out with a big bang in a cosmic fireball.

Runaway Universe (03:47)

Scientific observation suggests that the universe is careening out of control, speeding up instead of slowing down. Another theory proposes that this expansion will continue even faster. This theory is called The Big Rip.

Death of the Universe: Ice (11:02)

If the universe continues on its current course, it will eventually enter into a cosmic ice age in which all the suns are extinct. Scientists use the laws of thermodynamics to theorize the galactic ice age of the future of the universe.

Degenerate Era of the Universe (09:12)

What happens after the last red dwarf blinks out? Remnants of red dwarfs and white dwarfs would still ebb out energy that might attract an orbiting colony of beings in a last attempt at survival. This is the Degenerate Era of the universe.

Black Hole Era of the Universe (02:51)

After the extinction of life in the universe, black holes remain. In this era, strange entities might emerge that are capable of existing in the creeping time scale of the Black Hole Era

Death of Black Holes (03:02)

The real action of the Black Hole Era of the universe happens when two black holes meet; the collision sends a shudder through space and time. Ultimately, over quadrillions and trillions of years, black holes evaporate with a bang.

Universe: The Dark Era (07:19)

If the universe continues to expand, it is possible that only a "cosmic mush" of particles exist. Quantum theory examines the behavior of particles in a universe where "anything goes." A random quantum fluctuation could spark a new Big Bang.

Credits: Cosmic Apocalypse (00:29)

Credits: Cosmic Apocalypse

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The universe as we know it will eventually die. This program theorizes on the end of space, matter, and even time as it outlines the harsh and hostile possibilities of the far distant future. Distributed by A&E Television Networks. A part of the series The Universe. (45 minutes)

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