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Women's Stories About Sex (00:59)


Women of all ages tell about their first sexual encounter, from kissing to sexual intercourse.

Sexual Encounters (01:13)

Women from 14 to 62 describe sexual encounters, whether welcomed or otherwise.

Early Sexual Experiences (01:05)

Women of various ages describe early experiences with sex. An 89-year-old woman recalls that she wore a diaphragm every day of her married life.

Masturbation Memories (00:49)

Two women tells stories of discovering their bodies as 4-year-olds. One child is shamed by her mother, and the other is shamed by her grandmother.

First Signs of Femaleness (01:16)

Girls first notice feminine changes at different times. A fourteen-year-old struggles with large breasts until she gets a breast reduction. Another girl keeps her childish looks well into her teens.

Parental Models (01:43)

A young woman first wants to experiment with boys until she realizes she is not interested in boys, but is attracted to girls. Women recall the relationships between their parents. One woman was sexually abused by her father.

Girls Learn About Sex (01:29)

Some girls learned about sex from books, from a parent, or from misinformation.

How Children Learn About Sex (01:25)

In some cultures, parents do not talk to their children about sex. Children often learn about sex from married cousins. An 89-year-old woman was told by her mother that there were no such things as lesbians.

Introduction to Lesbianism (00:59)

In boarding school, a girl learns from other girls that lesbianism is quite common. Planned Parenthood informs students on basic sexual knowledge.

Sex Education from the Doctor (01:03)

When a woman visits her female doctor and asks for contraceptive information, the doctor educates her about male anatomy. "I was flabbergasted," she said when she saw a model of an erect penis.

Schools and Sex Education (01:02)

In many schools, sex education was about menstruation and pictures of sexual organs. No information was given, about sex itself, STDs, or pregnancy.

First Kiss (01:39)

Women tells stories about the first time they kissed a boy.

Oral Sex (01:06)

A naive girl gets into a situation in which a boy forces her to give him oral sex. She does not resist much, but she is not clear what is going on.

Oral Sex Parties (01:25)

Many girls do not consider oral sex to be "sex." At parties, a girl may give oral sex to numerous boys. Diseases spread rapidly through some crowds of teens as a result.

Young and Old on Oral Sex (01:11)

One woman tells how much she hated oral sex. For her, it was physically uncomfortable. An 89-year-old recalls that she and her husband did not engage in oral sex until he became older and physically incapacitated.

Oral Sex: One Woman's Experience (01:32)

Young women tells stories about giving and receiving oral sex.

Shame and Sex (00:46)

Women who feel shame about their bodies may find less enjoyment in receiving oral sex.

Women's Feelings About Oral Sex (01:31)

Women's experiences with oral sex range all over the place. Some like it, some hate it, and some are curious to know more about it.

Oral Sex and Intercourse (00:58)

A woman experiences orgasm via oral sex before she ever has intercourse. The feelings make her want to experience sexual intercourse. A teen girl considers the consequences of sex, and she abstains.

How I Lost My Virginity (00:53)

A woman remembers planning to lose her virginity with a particular boy. It was a positive experience for her.

First Lover (01:17)

When she was 14, a teen chooses an older boy as her first lover. She remembers the experience with fondness because it seemed "as perfect as it could be."

First Sex (01:03)

A woman recalls planning to have sex with the boy she was in love with. Though they both wanted to have sex, it was painful for her. She has no regrets.

First Sexual Experiences with a Male (01:50)

A woman sexually abused by her father recalls her first adult sex with a man. An octogenarian remembers her first sexual experiences on her wedding night.

Painful Intercourse (00:60)

A woman experiences such pain the first time she has intercourse that she asks the man to stop. Then she realizes that she has to get through the painful times in order to experience happier times ahead.

First Sex: Mixed Feelings (00:54)

A woman is giddy after she has sexual intercourse for the first time. Immediately after, she learns that a family tragedy had happened. She remembers her mixed feelings at the time.

Fear of Pregnancy (00:55)

A teen takes a home pregnancy test and accidentally leaves the test where her mother finds it. Mother calls her daughter a slut, devastating the teen.

Sex as Obligation (01:09)

After consenting to sex, a woman feels obligated to continue having sex, thoudh she does not experience pleasure. A couple works together to make sure they each experience orgasms as part of sex.

Women and Sex (01:51)

A teen has an orgasm the first time she has sex. Later, she has sex with women though she does not think she is gay. She understands how women could experience such intensity, though she later returns to men for sex.

Bisexual Women (01:37)

A woman begins having sex with women in her twenties, though she had previously had sex with only men. She enjoys bisexuality until her mid-forties. She realizes she is a lesbian for good.

Women and Sex: Conclusion (01:47)

Women share advice about sex.

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Joy, fear, wild pleasure, a sense of danger—these emotions are at the core of almost any coming-of-age experience. Multiply them by a thousand, and maybe throw disgust or boredom into the mix, and you have a fleeting glimpse of the thoughts and sensations surrounding a young woman’s first sexual encounter. This program collects stories and reflections on that very subject from ten unique women, all of whom speak candidly about their backgrounds, their expectations prior to having sex, and how they have learned to define themselves sexually. Participants range from Trish, age 16 and the only virgin in the group, to 45-year-old Annee, who remembers hiding her feelings of triumph after her first lovemaking, to Pauline, an octogenarian who wistfully recalls losing her virginity—on her wedding night. Heterosexual and gay issues are both addressed in detail. (40 minutes)

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