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Wyoming State Penitentiary (01:25)


The toughest criminals in Wyoming are rapidly filling the state's only maximum security prison and the prison is having trouble keeping officers on staff.

Staffing Problem at WSP (01:23)

Wyoming State Penitentiary is home to the state's most dangerous criminals it is also chronically and dangerously understaffed. Competition with the local oil industry has sent the prison warden looking for new recruits in other states.

New Recruits at WSP (02:37)

Thirty people have move to Wyoming for jobs at Wyoming State Penitentiary. None of them have ever worked in a prison before. They have nine weeks to learn everything from policy and procedure to emergency response.

Defensive Tactics (01:58)

The recruits at Wyoming State Penitentiary must master distraction techniques, proper use of restraints, and nonlethal force. Being unable to control a situation could lead to an officer being assaulted

Prison with a Dark Past (01:46)

In June of 1997 Corporal Wayne Martinez was beaten to death by three inmates attempting escape. The tower where the murder took place is a daily reminder to officers that they cannot let down their guard at Wyoming State Penitentiary.

Officer Defense Training (02:39)

At Wyoming State Penitentiary pepper spray is the only weapon officers have at their disposal. In order to carry it each new recruit must get sprayed with it in order to prove they can maintain control.

Rookie Prison Staff (01:32)

Two corrections officers will begin work at Wyoming State Penitentiary the day after they graduate from training. The prison is severely understaffed because of a high employee turn over rate.

Over Population at Wyoming State University (01:36)

Each cell at WSP was originally designed for one inmate but overcrowding has forced a second inmate into most cells. Due to under staffing a new officer will be in charge of a pod that contains 75 potentially dangerous inmates.

Inmates at Wyoming State Penitentiary (01:39)

One of the inmates at WSP murdered his family at age 15. He is just one of 600 inmates the new recruits must watch. In an attempt to keep down admissions the prison participates in a special program.

In Reach Out Reach Program (02:03)

To try to keep down new admissions WSP participates in a mentoring program. Murderers meet with program counselors to discuss troubled teens who could be headed to prison.

Wyoming State Penitentiary E-Unit (01:38)

Inmates who fight each other, resist orders, or assault officers are sent to the hole. Inmate are locked down and forced to live in their cells 23 hours a day. A new officer must face a murderer for the first time.

Overworked Prison Staff (01:03)

Mandatory overtime is a temporary solution to the staff shortage at Wyoming State Penitentiary. Officers work an average of 23 hours of overtime each month.

Inmate Mentors (03:23)

Wyoming State Penitentiary is reserved for the worst criminals in the state. Members of the outreach program talk to teenagers about life behind bars in the hopes that it will deter them from a life of crime.

Maintaining Control at Wyoming State Penitentiary (01:57)

Inmates aren't always causing fights or breaking laws sometimes they just make trouble. Even a routine activity can be an opportunity for inmates to put up resistance.

Special Operations Response Team (03:21)

Under staffing has left corrections officers at Wyoming State Penitentiary fearful of an uprising. S.O.R.T is trained to handle emergency situations 24 hours per day. Most often they are called in to forcibly remove prisoners from their cells.

S.O.R.T. Weapons (01:56)

Under staffing has left corrections officers at Wyoming State Penitentiary fearful of an uprising. S.O.R.T is trained to handle emergency situations 24 hours per day. Most often they are called in to forcibly remove prisoners from their cells.

Escape at WSP (02:47)

A convicted murderer at Wyoming State Penitentiary was able to escape by watching the movement of animals that went in and out of the prison walls. A new more secure facility is now circled by armored patrol cars 24 hours per day.

Inmate Tactics at Wyoming State Penitentiary (02:03)

Only officers outside the perimeter can carry fire arms. Should an inmate become combative officers have only training and strength to rely on. In an attempt to gain the upper hand inmates engage officers in personal conversations.

New Officer Trials (01:55)

Inmates at Wyoming State Penitentiary test a new officer by trying to run him ragged. They want the opportunity to file a grievance against him by pushing him to his breaking point.

Prison Deterrent Program at WSP (02:52)

Kids from the outreach program have lunch in the chow hall with prisoners who verbally harass them. Inmate mentors talk to the boys about how to stay out of trouble. The program succeeds in keeping over 90% of participants out of prison.

Warning Signs of (02:37)

When a situation escalates with an inmate a new corrections officer must decide how he is going to react.

Rules at Wyoming State Penitentiary (02:29)

There are many rules at WSP and it is up to officers to see that they are followed. An altercation between a rookie and an inmate ends with the inmate in lockdown. .

Rookie Officers at WSP (01:27)

New recruits have been at Wyoming State Penitentiary for two weeks and have met the challenges of a difficult and sometimes dangerous job.

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Facing severe understaffing and overcrowding, Wyoming State Penitentiary has gone to extreme measures, enlisting prospective officers from economically depressed areas across the United States. Unfortunately, these raw recruits tend to have one thing in common: a complete lack of law-enforcement experience. This program follows three new hires into the crucible where they face the challenges of officer training, inmate hostility, and the psychological stress that inevitably results from working in a potentially lethal environment. A National Geographic Production. (50 minutes)

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