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Gay Men Recall Elementary School (03:09)


Gay men recall their experiences in elementary school when other children taunted them for being different. Teachers were in denial about their homosexuality and encouraged them to play with other boys.

Gay Male's Struggle with Homosexuality (03:07)

David, a Colombian burying his past in Manhattan life, says it was difficult for him to learn to love another man. As a 16-year-old, he had no gay models to serve as guides to his coming out. In confusion, he attempts suicide several times.

Parents Confront Their Children's Homosexuality (03:13)

David's mother, who knew nothing of his homosexuality, "freaks out" when she discovers the truth. She tells him to get out of her life. Family is important to Latinos, and gays suffer greatly when the family does not accept them.

Transgender Experience (05:12)

Gabriela, once a boy, tries to prove she is worth of acceptance as a woman. She struggled as a young person on hormone therapy and also struggled for family acceptance. Lack of her mother's acceptance drove her to drug abuse and depression.

Family Acceptance of Transgender Child (03:24)

Gabriela struggles with the pain of rejection from her mother, so she moves away for 4 years. Only her sister accepted her as a sister and not a brother. Gabi's mother finally accepts her and expresses love for her child.

Religion and Homosexuality (03:56)

Does God condemn homosexuality? Marcelo's mother confronts him with religion when he comes out as a gay. Agustin, Marcelo's partner, is a devout Catholic who deals with his conflicting feelings. He is sure that God accepts him.

Being Gay: Acceptance or Self-Destruction (01:49)

Marcelo, a Catholic homosexual, receives love and acceptance from his father, who found a passage in the Bible that warns against judging others. Some gays have no chance to come out, and they may become violent or self-destructive.

HIV-Positive Bisexual (01:59)

Ernesto, a Venezuelan, struggles with the fact that he is bisexual and is HIV-positive. He confides in a cousin, who helps him come to the U.S. Many Venezuelan gays and bisexuals use drugs and alcohol to enjoy their secret lifestyles.

Living Well With AIDS (05:18)

In the U.S., Ernesto, a Venezuelan who is bisexual and HIV-positive, can live openly. Before he came to the U.S., he felt his sexuality was a curse for past sins. Now, he takes medication for his illness and works as a health educator in an AIDS center.

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Tal Como Somos: The Latino GBT Community

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Latino culture is celebrated for its rich traditions, close-knit families, and strong faith, but being Latino and gay, bisexual, or transgender is often seen as unforgivable. This documentary examines the lives of six Latino GBT men and women, focusing on their relationships with their families as well as their culture, religion, and professional lives. Subjects include Gus and Marcelo, a driven young Mexican couple; Gabriela, once a boy, now trying to prove she is worthy of acceptance as a woman; Ernesto, a Venezuelan struggling for a way to tell his family he’s bisexual and HIV-positive; and David, a Colombian burying his past in Manhattan life. In addition, the film’s host—a young, gay, Latino man from Chicago named Moises—provides incisive commentary. Includes a viewable/printable discussion and resource guide. (Portions in Spanish with English subtitles, 34 minutes)

Length: 34 minutes

Item#: BVL39229

ISBN: 978-1-4213-9801-3

Copyright date: ©2007

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