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Definitions of Prejudice and Discrimination (04:58)


Prejudice is an unwarranted attitude about a group of people. Many experts argue that prejudice is learned and is based on fear of the "other." Discrimination is behavior that follows from prejudice.

Religious and Ethnic Prejudice (03:35)

In America, Muslims are often feared because they are inappropriately considered terrorists. Both Sikhs and Muslims are easily identifiable by their apparel, and are easy targets for prejudiced people.

Stereotypes and Prejudice (02:11)

Immigrant groups are frequently targeted for ridicule and discrimination. Ethic groups were stereotyped in mostly unflattering ways. Humans naturally process the world around them in ways that differentiate self from others.

Roots of Prejudice and Hate Groups (03:45)

Children develop prejudices early in life. In high schools and colleges prejudice flourishes, often because ethnic groups segregate themselves. Far more virulent is the raw hatred of the Neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan.

Implicit Prejudices: Automatic Responses (03:52)

Most people do not recognize that they have implicit prejudices. A professor designs a test that reveals people's implicit prejudices. Millions of people have taken the test that reveals, for example, automatic preferences for white and rejection of the a

Cast Study in Tolerance: Baptist Church Welcomes Homosexuals (02:47)

A Baptist church in Atlanta is committed to create an atmosphere of tolerance for gay people. When the minister's son comes out and admits he is gay, the minister changed his approach to one of tolerance towards gays.

Unconditional Acceptance of Homosexuals (03:30)

When a minister who was formerly anti-gay changes his attitude to one of acceptance, droves of people left his church. Many young, gay people of all races replaced them. In this church they hear messages of love from the pulpit.

Anti-Defamation League Visits Schools (02:25)

Film footage from the Anti-Defamation League shows a workshop that teaches tolerance for diversity. High school and college students learn how biases and prejudices start in the first place.

Hope for a More Tolerant Society (02:38)

Immigrants to America want to be treated fairly and with an understanding that every American comes from immigrants, whether today or 400 years ago. Victims of prejudice want to be judged individually for themselves, not as part of a group.

Unlearning Prejudice (02:07)

Because prejudice, or the judgment of other groups, will always exist, one can hope that people make efforts to unlearn prejudicial behaviors.

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Muslims, blacks, gays, people with disabilities, and immigrants of every ethnicity and color: these and many other groups have stood in the spotlight glare of intolerance, easy targets for every sort of discrimination and violence. What makes people prone to irrational hate, and what steps can individuals and society take to eradicate it? In this program, psychology professors Susan Fiske, of Princeton University, and Mahzarin Banaji, of Harvard University; representatives of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and other pro-tolerance groups; and victims of prejudice share their insights and experiences. A pro-gay Baptist minister who formerly took a biblical stance against homosexuality and an ex–imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan who now speaks out for tolerance also offer their views. Contains inflammatory language and images. Recommended for grades 9-college. A Films for the Humanities & Sciences Production. (35 minutes)

Length: 35 minutes

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“Argues convincingly that most individuals inadvertently hold negative attitudes about some people or cultural groups.... Delivers a powerful reminder that prejudice remains both widespread and insidious, and offers examples of the important ongoing work of sowing tolerance. Highly recommended.” —Video Librarian


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