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European Union: Migrant Worker Programs (03:21)


The EU needs hundreds of millions of foreign workers in order to compete in a globalized market. Yet, many feel that migration contributes to social unrest in the EU. Is the guest worker program a reasonable alternative?

EU: Managed, Legal Migration (03:24)

Today, Germany invites immigrant workers to live in Germany permanently. The EU draws from the same pool of skilled technicians for the computer industry as the U.S. Skilled IT specialists are in short supply in Europe.

European Union: Unskilled Immigrant Workers (04:19)

Globalization is spreading the culture of poverty to industrialized nations. Across Europe, immigrant families more frequently fall into poverty and take longer to reach average income. Financial assistance is available to some immigrant children.

European Union: Demographic Crisis (04:26)

Europe's population is shrinking due to low birth rates. The EU's aging workforce needs the innovative input from young immigrants who are willing to follow the jobs and keep up with productivity employers need.

European Union: Legal and Illegal Migrant Workers (04:11)

Many immigrants in Europe arrive with dreams of financial success, but often find themselves doing menial jobs with low pay. While 80% if immigrant workers are registered, over 5 million people work in the EU illegally.

European Union: Sex Trade and Unemployment (03:08)

Out of necessity, many foreign women come to Europe to work in the sex trades, as no other jobs pay as well. Globalization of the economy increases unemployment in the EU because "jobs go where the wages are low."

Sustainable Development in Non-Industrialized Nations (02:19)

The UN and some industrialized nations provide nutritionally enhanced foods to poor countries. At EcoSpace, scientists provide eco-efficient analyses of products and processes to find the most efficient for companies and nations.

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With a low birth rate and an aging workforce, the European Union needs immigrants—but how temporary or permanent their status should be is a matter of debate. This film examines existing and proposed guest worker programs, in addition to other EU measures, designed to address the results of globalization and shifting demographics. Focusing not only on the EU’s tremendous economic advances but also on regions affected by poverty, the film looks at immigrant education, ambition, and self-employment, while sifting through issues such as worker job security and the growth of sex industries. Nick Clark of the Trade Unions Congress, Leo Monz of the German Federation of Unions, and several guest workers share their views. (27 minutes)

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“[This series] offers a profound examination of the political and social pressures affecting the EU. It is rigorous in its approach and gives the viewer deep insights into the EU’s challenges.... The producers have done a brilliant job in crafting a unified group of interrelated yet independently functional volumes. This fine work comes highly recommended for those with a keen interest in the European Union.”—Educational Media Reviews Online

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