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European Union History (03:22)


Europe's steadily declining birthrate necessitates a common policy on immigration to replace the aging workforce. Archival footage shows historical efforts to unite Europe, leading up to the European Union.

European Constitution and Immigration Problem (05:03)

People in member states of the European Union voted whether to accept or reject the European Constitution. Because only 14 states accepted the Constitution, efforts intensified to establish immigration policy common to all states.

Expansion of European Union (05:09)

In 2004, the EU invites former socialist states to join. This segment looks at the Parliamentary process of accepting Bulgaria and Romania into the EU. As a result of the new EU membership, Britain integrates 600,000 new workers into its labor force.

Political Asylum: Political and Social Impact (02:56)

Problems with illegal immigration into Britain turned Britons against immigration in general. Throughout Europe, asylum applications overloaded processing systems, turning immigration into a politically explosive and socially divisive issue.

EU Faces Problems With Illegal Immigrants (03:30)

Problems with immigration along the southern border EU member states raises issues about the practice of regularizing illegal immigrants. Many of the new illegal migrants to Europe are children and young people without their parents.

EU and Common Immigration and Asylum Policies (04:53)

The EU continues to work toward a common immigration and asylum policies. Interviews with European citizens reveal a general lack of knowledge and interest in the European Parliament's activities.

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Inside the European Union: Parliament under Pressure

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Defining “European” is one of the main challenges facing the E.U. Parliament. This program outlines the history of the governing body and assesses the actions it has taken to shape and organize the E.U. Shedding light on electoral and procedural methods adopted by the Parliament, the film documents political fanfare and maneuvering accompanying the eastward expansion of the union with the entry of Bulgaria and Romania. The program also shows how these developments influence the path to comprehensive immigration laws—and how foreign workers, illegal immigrants, and asylum seekers are affected. Several members of the E.U. Parliament are interviewed. (27 minutes)

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“[This series] offers a profound examination of the political and social pressures affecting the EU. It is rigorous in its approach and gives the viewer deep insights into the EU’s challenges.... The producers have done a brilliant job in crafting a unified group of interrelated yet independently functional volumes. This fine work comes highly recommended for those with a keen interest in the European Union.”—Educational Media Reviews Online

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